Recap: The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 21 [A Bro’s Thoughts]


“She’s Come Undone” starts off in a dream sequence and kind of remains that way for the entire episode. After last week’s Klaus diversion, we’re kind of stuck in the rut of catching up on some melodrama in order for the actual plot line to move forward with the final two episodes of the season. It’s annoying, but a necessary evil. Overall, a quick plot line is wrapped up, some villainy is shown and this was a nice filler episode to prepare us for the finale.

In Which Elena’s Emotions Are Just Plain Annoying

Hey, at least she tried to burn herself alive this episode. While we bid adieu to Elena’s emotionless, dead eyed self, I’m kind of disappointed that all it took was a neck snap of the only real human left (Matt) to get her going again. That felt like a major cop out. I know I’ve expressed my annoyance with Elena over the course of this season. She acts as some sort of foil for the Salvatore brothers to fight over, but even when Damon said that he loved Elena, it felt weak. Her embodiment of weird, breathy, delayed emotional reactions taking the place of her lame-but-trying-too-hard-bitch banter isn’t really a win or loss on either side, and the last 15 minutes of this episode proves it.

Elena’s driven herself to make sure that she’s going to kill Katherine. Bleh. Lame. Who cares? Nina Dobrev gets to kill Nina Dobrev thanks to some quick editing tricks and bad CGI in the finale? Leave it out. Katherine has been on the run, surviving and murdering for 500 years. The fact that she killed Elena’s brother doesn’t really make Elena any more gifted/stronger/more bad ass than Katherine in any way, shape or form. It’s just lame cop out to either write her off, or hopefully an amazing example of how you kill off the lead character on a show. God I want Elena to get murdered. Please. Let her die.

In Which Bonnie Bennett Can See Some Weird Zombie Face

Am I the only one who is totally lost on why Bonnie can see Silas but no one else can’t? I mean, I get the fact that she saw who he was, but I don’t get how that all of a sudden breaks whatever spell he’s got over people to see who they want. Bonnie teaming up with Katherine, however, was the most intriguing part of the episode, because like I mentioned before: Katherine is a survivalist. Bonnie’s offering her the ultimate tool to make sure that she’ll never have to be on the run again: true immortality.

Like that isn’t going to blow up in their faces. Either way, I like this mean streak that Bonnie’s got going on and I hope it lasts past the end of this season.

In Which Caroline Has An Identity Crisis

Caroline’s mom almost died, almost admitted how much she’s into Klaus, totally put Elena on the back burner, and realized how petty graduating high school is when you’re an immortal being. Add on top of that the mean black tank top she was wearing in the opening sequences with Elena, and you’ve got the second best plot line for this episode. Caroline’s personality is what kept the plot from going stagnant at times, which is good. But I truly am wondering where she’ll go once all the dust from this season has settled. Besides being Silas’ target this episode, she seems kind of aimless.

In Which Rebekah Rocks The Meanest Bun Ever In Matt’s Face

The fact that Rebekah’s hair bun stayed that tight for all that time while she looked HOT is the best storyline of this episode. (Which shows how much we were grasping for anything with some meat to it.) Pushing hairstyles aside, it was nice to see her develop a bit more of a relationship with Matt by offering him the future he truly deserves. It’d be a good way to write him off the show since he seems pretty pointless post-graduation as well. Rebekah is heading off to New Orleans to meet up with her family come next season, so once again, I wonder where exactly does her storyline matter in the grand scheme of the things for the upcoming finale?

There’s a lot of questions for the finale that need to be answered, but more importantly, a lot of streamlining. Whether it’s killing off a bunch of characters, moving them to The Originals spinoff or even introducing new people; the only thing I’m hoping for from the finale are some major shakeups in Mystic Falls. This episode’s melodrama was a bit dull and full of filler. Let’s hope that we’ll never have to really deal with that again, huh? Check out the preview for next week below and let me know what you thought of this episode either in the comments or on Twitter.

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