What Your Favorite Lizzie McGuire Character Says About You

If your favorite Disney Channel original TV show wasn’t Lizzie McGuire, I don’t even know if we can be friends. Are we friends to begin with? I don’t know actually, but what I do know is that Lizzie, Gordo, and even Miranda were some of the best characters on TV back in the day.

I was so lucky to go through adolescents with such an amazing show, and of course, my favorite character was Lizzie. I wanted to be her. I wanted her clothes. I wanted her phone, her room, her amazing inflatable backpack. I tried to model my whole look off of her’s. Now, what does this say about me?

Thankfully the ladies over at Gurl.com have made it easy for me to find out! Head on over to Gurl and check out what your favorite Lizzie McGuire character says about you.

Oh, and if you’re a Kate Sanders fan…we also can’t be friends. She was just plain mean.

[Lead Image via Blogspot]

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