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This Adorable, Tiny Child Gives College Guys a Lesson in Dating [Video]


If you haven’t gotten in your daily #swoon yet today, look no further than 10 year-old Cole Nowlin. While your crush is out ignoring your texts and definitely maybe hitting on other girls, bb boy Cole wants to sweep you off your feet with this little video he made called “The Extra Mile”.

According to his vast dating knowledge — he is, after all, 10 — 56% of college students are women. And of those women, 63% want to meet their future spouse while they’re in college*. Furthermore, the top two traits women look for in potential mates are maturity and kindness. Do me a favor real quick and think of the last guy you hooked up with. Was he husband material? Cole doesn’t think so, and he’s freakin’ disappointed these dang college boys!!

Rescue a college guy today by sending him this video. It only takes a moment of your time, but society will see the benefits for years to come.

*Sidebar, wtf ladies? Why do you need to get married so young!?