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Find a New Way to Sweat Off the Freshman 15 [ReadyU Conquer This List]


My senior year is drawing to a close, and I’m also getting close to the end of the ReadyU Conquer This List. ReadyU is the ultimate resource for college students from P&G, the people who have all your college needs covered whether you’re in or out of the classroom!  From toothbrushes to face moisturizer, P&G ReadyU is here to help you conquer beyond the classroom.  I’ve been checking items off their epic college bucket list all semester. Next on my list was #46: Find a New Way to Sweat Off the Freshman 15. And this item couldn’t have come at a more convenient time for me.

Now, as a college senior, it’s been a while since my freshman year. But this challenge is totally relevant no matter how far along you are in college. In fact, the “freshman 15” as we tend to think of it doesn’t really exist. Instead, people often gain weight slowly throughout college, so it’s important to stay creative with your exercise routine for all four years – after all, with so much stress and the weird diet that comes along with late-night study sessions, staying in shape during college can be tough.

This challenge was also perfect for me because I’m studying to become a personal trainer. I’m pursuing a professional dance career after graduation, but unfortunately, dance does not pay well. So, in order to avoid the starving artist fate, I’m translating my love of movement and exercise into a second career as a personal trainer. I figured this item would give me the perfect opportunity to put some of my new skills to the test.

After a long winter of working out mostly in the gym, I knew exactly how I would switch up my routine: with an outdoor workout. I decided to grab a friend, too, so that I could practice my coaching skills. I made sure he brought extra Old Spice with him, since the spring sun he has been known to make things a little sweaty when it comes to rigorous workouts.

I didn’t want this to be just any workout; I wanted it to be awesome. So we added a fun old school touch to make the workout unique. I dug out my old CD player (yes, like a stereo), and we carried it down to the park. We stopped to buy some Duracell batteries on the way, and we were good to go. The batteries kept our CD players powered up as we blasted our music in the park for a sunny, fresh-air workout. We got a few glares from some old ladies walking through the park, but there were some little kids around dancing to our music so I think that redeemed us.

We did body weight only exercises, meaning that we didn’t use any equipment. You can do these kinds of exercises anywhere, and the best part is that they’re free. No weights, mats, or gym required. I definitely think that this park workout is going to be my go-to exercise now that the weather is getting nicer. Although once it gets to be summer I might need to seek out some air conditioning.

Have you ever done an outdoor workout? If you try it, remember to stay hydrated!

The semester is almost over. Keep following along as I cross the finish line of my senior year!

    Dancer, choreographer, personal trainer, and freelance writer based in New York City. More here.