It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, Here Are 15 Memes About Why School Sucks

I owe a lot of the success that I’ve had (if you call eating cheese on a Friday night success) to the many teachers I’ve had over the years. This week is teacher appreciation week, reach out to one of your fave professors and let them know that they’ve gotten through to you. We all know from primetime television that most teachers want to make a difference in your life but  . . . usually fail to do so. If a teacher has made an impact on you, tell them, they’ll definitely appreciate that they haven’t completely squandered their life’s work and ambition on hundreds of brats (brats like me!).

Teachers can be great mentors but that doesn’t change one undeniable fact: school sucks. Let a teacher know they are awesome, now relish in the fact that you made it through the hardest, most obnoxious, probably weirdest years of your life unscathed.


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