Goldbely Delivers Your Favorite Hometown Treats Anywhere in the Country [Web Spy]


Like many others that hail from Southern California, I have a love complete obsession with Mexican food. So when I first moved to New York for college, I went through total withdrawal. While there are definitely places that you can get some decent Mexican food there, it just wasn’t the same. Nothing could fill the carne asada-shaped void in my heart except the real deal, so I took full advantage of my winter, spring and summer breaks by visiting my favorite local taco shop as much as possible.

And now that I don’t live in NYC anymore, I find myself craving real bagels and pizza all the time. What I wouldn’t give to be able to satisfy my cravings, no matter where I am.

That’s why I was so excited when I discovered Goldbely, a website that curates the best local foods in the country and ships them right to your door.

While there isn’t a Southern California taco shop represented (not yet anyway), I did discover I can order bagels from Zabar’s, Junior’s famous New York cheesecake, and sourdough bread from San Francisco (the best place in the world for sourdough bread, period).

There are endless reasons for ordering treats from Goldbely. For one, they make great gifts! Did your friend just get back from the Kentucky Derby? Why not send her this kit for making her own mint juleps at home?! And mother’s day is coming up — why not send her a package of crab cakes to remind her of that family vacation to Cape Cod a few years ago?

Goldbely has lots of great foods to choose from, and are in the process of adding even more! I kind of want to try everything, even for places I haven’t visited yet (beignets from New Orleans? Yes, please!). I’ll definitely be asking for a Goldbely gift card for my next birthday!

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