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13 Things Guys Do But Are Embarrassed To Admit [Dude’s List]


It’s no secret we all omit some of the grittier and less pleasant details of ourselves. Nobody wants to let it be known on a first date about their flossing rituals or what exactly their browser history looked like last night (before he erased it, of course).

These are tiny experiences and habits that make us all the same, that actually are universal and connect us, as the late-and-great George Carlin spent a career pointing out. So…why so embarrassed? Why must we hide the clauses in the fine print when asking someone else to sign the terms and conditions form? Well, lets run down a few of them and maybe we’ll answer that together…

We don’t like to admit to these finer points under our personas. There’s some sense of shame somewhere in us that makes us reluctant to let these warts see the light of day. But now I just have written them down for you, dear readers. So I guess the cats are out of the bag, on the QT, and very, very, hush-hush…

You heard it here first,

Dude Hudgens

[Lead image via igor.stevanovic/Shutterstock]

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