Recap: The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 22 [A Bro’s Thoughts]

Zombie pun aside, I was surprised with the outcome of “The Walking Dead.” As the penultimate episode of the season, I expected all of the plot twists and turns for next season to be within a very condensed 40 minutes for the finale next week. Instead we got a bunch of old faces returning, some dope twists, and true confusion on how the hell they’re going to end this season. All in all, I guess it was a pretty good episode.

In Which Bonnie Bennett Throws The Biggest Curveball Ever Cause DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD

So, after all the build up of Evil Bonnie and getting oh so very close…Homegirl kills herself by magic. Just straight up instant death. No warning, no help, just straight up assassinated herself. (If that’s even a term for it.) The only problem I have with this (because I’m kind of a sicko/fan of major character deaths) is that after showing the most powerful display of her magic yet by turning the all-powerful Silas INTO STONE, that by wanting to bring Jeremy back from the dead is what killed her. Talk about having the tank on empty. There’s still a buttload of questions about the whole situation though: Bonnie can exist/graduate as a ghost? Or only partially comeback? Or maybe exist between the afterlife and regular life?

I guess we won’t really know until the finale. Also, shout-out to Silas for being the lamest Big Bad of any supernatural show, like, ever. All he did was float around in other people’s bodies in other people’s minds and try to be spooky. But if all it takes is a Jasmine Guy guest appearance for you to get murdered, then that’s pretty lame, dude. Step up your evil game next time.

In Which Damon Finally Enters A Moral Dilemma, As If He Doesn’t EVERY SEASON FINALE

So after hanging out with his buddy Alaric for the entire episode (stoked to see him back especially after the hot mess that was Cult got cancelled. Oh, never heard of it? Well, no one else did either.) Damon was absolutely crucial into not only the semi-murder of Silas, but The Cure as well. The obvious idea is to give it to Elena, especially after this season of weird lameness she’s had just so she can go back to regular lameness, but this is Mystic Falls and nothing ever goes according to plan. I personally wouldn’t be surprised if he used it on his brother, since, well, Stefan’s always been a bit more tortured than every other vampire ever, and could probably use the whole ‘dying of old age’ thing the best, right?

In Which The Foundation For Stefan + Caroline Is There And That Would Be Okay, I Guess

Since it seems like more and more that Caroline will not be visiting New Orleans on The Originals spin-off next year to start some baby momma drama with Klaus (BOO!), the TVD writers had to bring back Lexie of all guest stars to make sure that Stefan knows he should take Caroline to vamp pound town. I mean, Caroline, even in Silas-mind-takeover-mode was looking FLY in that yellow blouse thing or whatever. All I know is that if your dead best friend comes back as a ghost to tell you a girl is DTF, that’s advice you should probably take. (As horrid as that sounds.)

In Which Elena Gets Some Closure and YAWN I’M BORED CAN WE KILL HER NOW PLEASE

I know this might just be me: But every time Elena comes on the screen, I just turn away or sigh or have some sort of body reaction that reflects my absolute boredom with her. All she does is repeat the same bullshit throughout the entire episode EVERY episode and then within the last 10 or so minutes she’ll be put in a situation to resolve said repeated phrase, then one of the Salvatore brothers steps in, and then she obsesses over the next thing. This episode, it was wanting to kill Katherine, and then, well getting some closure with her dead brother since really it was her wanting some vampire D four years ago that got the poor kid murdered. Anyway, the whole obsessive compulsive disorder over pretty miscellaneous plot lines just to keep her on the show and involved in some sort of drama does sound like something a Regina George-esque character would do when she’s 18 years old, vampire or not, so it all makes kinda sense, then. Huh. Look at that.

In Which Rebekah & Matt Are Gonna Have a Farewell Bang

Since it’s already been confirmed that Rebekah’s going to be on The Originals next season, any cliffhanger dealing with her has been rendered null and void. HOWEVER, it’s pretty dope that they’re gonna set her up with Matt. Maybe she’ll drag him down to New Orleans and hopefully make him interesting again instead of the brick wall he’s been the last two season since he seems to be the only human left in Mystic Falls. That would be cool. Or at least set up some sort of crossover potential for him, you know?

But also, how awesome did Rebekah look once again with the hair pulled back ponytail thing going on? God damn she could give Caroline a run for her money sometimes. (Or maybe that’s just my thing for blondes.)

Anyway, with next week being the finale, I have to admit, I’m kinda surprised they pulled the ‘Bonnie’s Dead’ card this episode. Either way, it makes for another super interesting finale on The Vampire Diaries. Hopefully they’re not done with the character deaths, cast change ups for The Originals and some new characters getting introduced since everyone’s going to college. (Real talk: I love time jumps and I feel like if they just went to senior year of college instead of high school next episode, that would be BAD. ASS.) Anyway, let me know what you thought of this episode on Twitter or in the comments. Check out the preview for next week below:

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