Recapping The Hit ’90s Film ‘She’s All That’ In Pictures [Saturday Flashback]

So basically Laney Boggs is mad uggo because she has glasses and a ponytail. LIKE, EW! Cut the shit out, girl. 

But Paul Walker is a sexist douche bag trying to steal Freddie Prinze Jr.’s swag so he challenges him to turn the uggo’est girl (Laney Boggs) into the most popular girl in school or prom queen or something.

Freddie Prinze Jr. is one of the popular kids in the “Unfriendly Black Hotties” clique so he is up for the challenge. He has Lil Kim’s full support.

He asks Laney Boggs out. She refuses. (I think, it’s been a while, guys.) Anyway, we know she is frontin’ because in the ’90s Freddie was a top notch piece of ass.

Oh, I forgot Freddie has this patient-zero-Mean Girl ex-girlfriend who is thirsty for his D, yet dumped him for some dude from the Real World. Very confuzzled over here.

Eventually, Laney accepts and they go to the beach where the popular ‘Unfriendly Black Hotties’ are pretty ‘meh’ about the situation. Who cares about this beyotch with glasses and a ponytail?

Freddie is sort of digging her company but she is still not hot enough for his vapid-ass, plus he has to turn her into prom queen or whatever. So he has Sookie Stackhouse give her a makeover.

And then he gets a boner which is the #1 test for high school female popularity in the ’90s when people still thought ‘jocks’ were cool. Lol. 

Now that Laney is a hottie her artwork suddenly seems deep and cool. 

It opens Freddie’s boner heart up to her and they have a “real connection” because being popular is hard and stuffz.

Then Freddie gets all mad at Paul Walker for being a douche bag/sexist/really bad friend and Laney overhears and finds out that she was all some motherfucking bet this whole motherfucking time.

It’s prom night. Usher is there. DJ’ing.

Everybody does a choreographed dance to that Fat Boy Slim song (give it to me, baby!)  just like IRL high school, guys. This happens all the fucking time, I swear.

Laney Boggs goes with Paul Walker to piss off Freddie because she doesn’t realize he is sort of a date rapist, douche bag, fuck face, general doo doo butts.

Paul turns out to be a date rapist douche and Freddie is like, ‘I’m sorry.’ 

Even though Freddie Prinze Jr. pretended to be into her because of a bet under the preconceived notion that she was ugly, so that he could prove to his sexist friend that he was the most popular guy in school, saying ‘sorry’ really is enough to convince her because even though Laney was beautiful all along she is also a gullible idiot and Freddie agreed to go to graduation naked which totally cancels out the blatant sexism and emotional bullying she endured because of his ego.


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