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8 Don’ts for Hooking Up In College


College. It’s a special part of your life that you’ll never forget. There’s no experience like a college experience. Late night cram sessions, early morning walks of shame, meeting your BFFs, Thirsty Thursdays and, of course, the occasional hook up with that cute guy.

Hooking up in college is really different than hooking up everywhere else. Okay, the actual hookup might be more or less the same, but the factors surrounding it are different. In college you have to deal with dorms, roomates, making it to class the next day, and possibly facing a one night stand for the next 4 years (he just had to have the same major!). There’s no guide on how to hook up in college, but here are a few definite “don’ts” if you’re looking to keep things clean and simple.

[Lead image via Yeko Photo Studio/Shutterstock]

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