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10 Ways to Keep in Touch With Your High School Friends After Graduation


You know the scene; it’s high school graduation and you are hugging your friends goodbye promising to keep in touch and that you’ll all be best friends forever. At that moment in time, it’s impossible to think that you’ll have completely new relationships with different people in just a few short months. The reality is, however, that when you go off to college and are going to a school without all your high school friends, it’s easy to fall out of contact with them.

Luckily, keeping those friendships strong is doable with just a few tips that will allow you to feel connected with your BFFs (without needing to wait for your reunion). For people who are important to you, it’s worth it to put in the extra effort to show them you are thinking of them–and you’ll be able to honestly say that your friendships can stand the test of time.

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