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How I Met Your Mother Mother Is Revealed [Video]


The Girl With The Yellow Umbrella is revealed and the actress portraying her is Cristin Milioti. Instead of bringing back a previous character, Milioti is portraying a completely new one. She doesn’t appear until the very end of the episode, which means the next season will be cray. The reveal was so confusing to fans that CBS actually had to release a statement. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “CBS rep confirms to The Hollywood Reporter that Milioti is indeed the actress playing the future bride of Ted.” There you have it. There she is. She sort of looks like a combination of every single girl Ted has ever dated + Alyson Hannigan. HR also reports,”Co-creators and executive producers Craig Thomas and Carter Bays have previously confirmed that official meeting of Ted and The Girl With the Yellow Umbrella will take place after the wedding, as the season-eight premiere teased.”

Watch Ted meet the mother.

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