Allure Publishes Zoe Saldana’s Weight To Prove Point About Something [Sugar Binge]

I am not entirely sure why but Allure magazine published Zoe Saldana‘s weight on the cover of its June issue. It says “115 pounds of grit and heartache.” Um, OK. I don’t know why it’s necessary and I wonder what the intention is.

A.) If we want a more body positive world then revealing how much we weigh shouldn’t be a big deal because it’s not indicative of anyone’s worth, health or beauty it’s just a number.

B.) Yet, it seems odd because the weight of anyone is hardly ever revealed unless the celeb says so themselves. They may say how much weight they loss or gained, but the concrete number is hardly ever given, even if it constantly speculated.

C.) The magazine maybe was trying to make a weird point – as The Frisky points out –  like omg she is so small but so tough, isn’t that a hilarious juxtaposition of stereotypes about small people and tough people.

Whatever the reason was the fact remains that no one gives two shits about how much any male celeb ways and we hardly use their size or stature to make qualifications about their identity. To me, it’s just a bit weird to reveal her weight, even if they intended it to be apolitical. What do you think?

In Other News

Cooper Union’s President has finally addressed the fact that students have been occupying his office for like a week due to tuition charges, saying

“I tend to feel and express my emotions mostly through music, which plays constantly through my head. So I hear your mournful tones, I hear your high pitched agitation, I hear your yearning for resolution and harmony. But I also hear the crescendo of hope. I’m committed to working with you with all my heart and soul. There is so much that’s unique about Cooper, so much that’s inevitable, that’s hard to put into words, and even spiritual.”

So basically he is a crazy person who intends to change nothing.

Beyonce cancelled a tour date so we are like, 1000% sure that she is pregnant

There’s going to be a weird reality TV show starring Jessica and Joe Simpson that is a new ‘Making The Band’. Snore.

Watch this guy cover David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ in SPACE. SPACE! S P A C E


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