How to Pack Light for a Weekend Getaway

Warm weather and the end of the school year just scream weekend fun. And what’s more fun than a weekend getaway? Remembering to pack all the essentials and ditch the unnecessary items is the most important part of packing light, so we’ve included some tips on what you definitely want to toss in your bag.

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Weekend Essentials You Don’t Want To Forget:

Dry Shampoo: Skip the wash, nix grease, and adds volume!

Makeup Remover wipes: Perfect for packing since they don’t take up much space

-Sunscreen: You need it even if it’s cloudy! A mini bottle is perfect for the weekend.

Oil Blotting Wipes: Barely takes up space and super convenient!

BB Cream: It does it all! No need to pack foundation, primer, or moisturizer!

Mini Sized Essentials: Tooth paste, hand sanitizer, Advils, band-aids, makeup, etc!

[Lead image via Africa Studio/Shutterstock]

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