Recap: The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 23 [A Bro’s Thoughts]

“Graduation Day” is upon us in Mystic Falls. Well, really, just a plot device to get rid of the whole ‘high school’ vibe from a TV show, but we’re not really keeping an integrity scale here. As Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries comes to a close, the episode wanted us to reflect, think on previous memories, and hope for the best as a seemingly new chapter beings in the Salvatore Saga. But what really happened were a couple of cheap pops, a bunch of ‘resolutions’ if you can call them that, and a REALLY weak cliffhanger for the fifth season.

In Which Damon Actually Gets The Girl Because Elena Can’t Be Single?

As much as it’s all sweet and mopey that Elena and Damon are ‘officially’ together in vampire terms (I wonder how legit that is compared to being Facebook official), it was a pretty easy play with a lot of plot holes that I kind of don’t understand. Damon went from almost dying from werewolf venom, to perfectly fine, and then just decided ‘Yeah, I’m gonna mope in front of the fireplace now.’ Like get it together, dude, go crash a graduation party or something. You’re already the creepy older dude. Relish in it.

But instead, Elena shows up and is all whiney in this like over-done cocktail dress and professes her love which kind of made me barf because y’all are VAMPIRES. YOU LIVE FOREVER. Like sure, love each other, who knows what your relationship will be like a BAZILLION years from now. Plus, Elena’s kinda sorta going to college. Vamp frat parties? Vamp mixers and keggers and damp basements with blood pong? You know temptation will be there, and she’ll probably go through with it since Stefan’s kind of having an identity crisis so she can’t run back to him anymore. (Even though it sets up a good plot device.)

In Which Stefan Is Being Used As A Plot Device So Elena Can Bang Silas

‘Shadow Self.’ Say it with me. “Shadow Self.” SHADOW SELF? Are you kidding me? Am I watching like a Sesame Street version of The Vampire Diaries? So this WHOLE time, all Silas had to do was murder Stefan. That’s it. He murders Stefan, everything kind of goes back to normal for him, and then he gets to live however and die however. Thanks for making me feel like an idiot for watching these 23 episodes then. He doesn’t even want The Cure! He doesn’t even need it! Silas is the lamest Big Bad in the history of Big Bads. The whole doppleganger thing is so played out with Katherine already that this plot device is weak, uninteresting and just lame if it’s the first arc for season 5. (No one’s on board with a time jump? No one?)

In Which Katherine Is A Human And It’s Supposed To Make Her Interesting But It Won’t

I was really hoping that either Katherine or Elena would die during their school battle. That would have been a WAY more interesting bait and switch for characters instead of this whole Stefan/Silas thing they’ve got planned for next season. I mean Elena taking over for Katherine? Or vice versa? Awesome. But instead, Katherine’s the one who got to take The Cure, and we don’t really know what happened. That was the last time we saw her. Which was weird. I guess this is one of the ‘cliffhangers’ to be addressed next season, but I just don’t care about it.

In Which Jeremy Came Back To Life Cause Kat Graham Wants To Start A Music Career

So Bonnie’s really dead, but Jeremy’s back. Whomp whomp. While it was sweet for Bonnie to really show her all-powerful-ness while she raised the veil of After Life and sent all the gratuitous guest stars from the past three seasons back to the dead (Shoutout to Matt Davis!), it really just felt like the most overdrawn and softest write-off of a character, like, ever. Out of all the murderfests we had this season, with all the dead people back, Bonnie couldn’t have gone out a little more over the top? Just for us? I’m guessing that someway she makes it back from the dead, and will be the Big Bad for next season. We got glimmers of it this season, but a full on bad ass super powered Bonnie? That could be pretty entertaining.

In Which Rebekah & Matt Are Gonna Go On A Sex Road Trip Before She Joins The Originals Spinoff

So this Friends With Benefits deal finally got off the ground. It won’t last since Rebekah has already been confirmed to join her brothers down in New Orleans for The Originals spin-off, so I guess that’ll be a plot point that’ll get drawn out over the first few episodes of season 5? The Matt/Rebekah breakup! (And…no one cares.)

In Which Caroline + Klaus Kind Of Happened But Didn’t Really…Sigh.

Klaus showed up just to show up, I guess. Then he kissed Caroline on the cheek, told her she could start banging Tyler again and left her an open invite to be the Queen of New Orleans when she wanted to. So: I guess that’s that? It’s weird how much this spin-off is really throwing everything off. He did totally behead someone with a graduation cap, which makes up for this entire episode pretty much.

Overall, for a graduation episode AND a finale, there was no real meat to it. A bunch of guest stars, a bunch of overdramatic violence, dead people who aren’t really dead, no college confirmations, and the absolutely LAMEST cliffhanger ever. This was easily the weakest season finale for The Vampire Diaries yet. It was terribly written, sloppily edited/put together, and frankly, didn’t have any impact.

The franchise itself has a bright future with The Originals spin-off and the (hopeful) addition of new characters as we leave Mystic Falls and hit up college life, but if the finale was any indication on how the show is going, I might need to jump ship. I have enough hot messes to deal with, and I do NOT want TVD to be one of them. (That’s why I watch trashy British reality TV, you know?)

Thanks for checking out Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries with me. Let me know what you thought of the finale either on Twitter or in the comments. (I think I’ll be recapping The Newsroom next. If you’ve got a show idea for me recap, make sure you let the CollegeCandy editors know!)

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