A Typical Saturday, As Told by Real Housewives .Gifs

I have recently discovered the .gif search button on Google. Needless to say, it has completely changed my life. I now spend the majority of my days just browsing through pages and pages of the most amazing .gifs. I am an avid Real Housewives fan, and I also recap The Real Housewives of Orange County on another website.

Needless to say, I’m a fan. Since it’s Saturday, I thought it was only appropriate to show us all what a typical Saturday is like as told through Real Housewife .gifs.

So you wake up Saturday morning hungover from your outrageous Friday night out…

All you want to do is eat anything and everything…

But then you look in your clutch from the night before…and all your cash is gone. 

You go to the ATM and finally make it to brunch where you chow down. 

You get back to your apartment, and you see that there’s a Real Housewives marathon on:

So you lay around, planning on nursing your hangover and definitely NOT going out tonight…

Your roommates start talking about going out to the bars tonight…and you’re just like:

They keep persisting on your going out, and telling you that it’ll be fun…and you’re just like: 

And then your friend offers to pay for your drinks, and you’re like:

And then you go out and have an awesome time dancing with your girls…


[Lead Image via IBN]

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