Tips On Feeling and Looking Great In Your Swimsuit

Swimsuit season is right around the corner! Bikinis, tankinis, one pieces, cut outs, can be a girls best friend…or worst nightmare. Everyone can feel self conscious in a swimsuit once in a while, regardless of body type. I’ve seen super fit girls complain about wearing a bikini because their “man shoulders” will be exposed. I’ve seen curvy girls worry about their awesome booty. I’ve seen skinnier girls worry about their boobs.

Basically, everyone and anyone can feel self conscious. The thing is, it’s pretty much all in our heads. If you keep saying “Ugh, my love handles are disgusting”, you’ll feel disgusting. If you admire your strong legs, you’ll love ’em. Easier said than done, but we just have to change the way we think.

Of course change doesn’t happen overnight, we have to continuously work at it. One easy tip is to focus on a part of your body you love. If you love your hair? Work it. Love your arms? Work it. Love your boobs? Work it. Love your feet? Work it! Admiring yourself won’t make you vain. It’ll help you think more positively and shut down those negative thoughts! CollegeFashion has the full scoop on how to feel confident and look great in a swimsuit.

[Lead image via prudkov/Shutterstock]

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