Songs Your Parents Listen to That Aren’t So Bad

My parents are the definition of nerdy. They live to embarrass me and my siblings. They just have a way of saying or doing the exact opposite of what I’d like them to do. My mom was the one yelling, “Bye! I love you! Don’t do drugs!” as she dropped me off for school. Obviously, my parents loved us, but they were just too much to bear sometimes. How many long jean skirts can one another own? How many goofy “raise the roof” dances can my dad do before I apply for emancipation?

Okay, so I’m being a little dramatic. While my parents (all of our parents) can be a little annoying andĀ embarrassingĀ at times, there is one place where they did not go wrong: their music tastes. From Beastie Boys to Indigo Girls, my parents filled me in on all the great music from before I was born. I still rock out to this music on occasion. I decided to compile some of the best songs that my parents listened to that weren’t so bad after all.


[Lead Image via Just Alive]

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