Texas Mom Tries to Unload Toddler on CraigsList [Candy Dish]

So in terrible, awful, no good, very bad news today, some lady decided that she didn’t want her three-year-old little boy anymore. So as one does when they want to um, sell something, she decided it would be a super good idea to put up an ad on CraigsList. She was obviously reported by the site and charged with “unlawfully intentionally and knowingly” putting her son up for adoption.

I don’t want to judge anyone because it’s not my place, but this is just the most outrageous thing I’ve heard today. The woman suffered from depression and severe anxiety, and it’s possible that she had a moment of intense weakness. Either way, it’s just super sad.

Check out the rest of the story and see the ad over at The Frisky.

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The First Date From Hell, As Told By Tina Fey .Gifs
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