Looking for Your Soul Mate? Here Are 6 Tips to Help You Recognize Him or Her

Do soul mates exist? When I was younger I’d say yes, and although I’ve gone through some rough turns in my early-adult life, I still think they’re out there. I am not sure how to define them, or if there is even one universal definition for what they are and how we find them. I came across an article on the Frisky that gives “6 Tips For Spotting Your Soul Mate”, and I was surprised (happily) that they believe we can have more than one. But, also not even just romantic ones. They feel we can find them in family members and best friends as well; this was such an awesome and lovely idea I had to share.

The article tells us how to prevent missing them when they come into our lives, something none of us want to do. They list things like instant recognition and a gut instinct. I don’t want to give the best ones away, so I’ll save them for you guys. Be sure to check out number 5 though, it is by far my favorite of the whole list.

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[Lead image via Matthew Nigel/Shutterstock]

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