Yahoo Buys Tumblr For 1 Billion Dollars [Sugar Binge]

CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer is making some big moves. Tumblr has been officially acquired by Yahoo for a cool billion bucks. We have so many questions: will there still be nude-y GIFs on my dash? will there be weird copyright issues? will it be as lame as now?

“Marissa walked me through exactly what that would look like, what that could look like, and she showed me an opportunity for Tumblr to stay an independent company, effort and team,” Founder, David Karp said. So it looks like Yahoo will be funneling money into Tumblr but will there be ads? Because ugh. Will my mom be on there posting baby pics? Will it be LAME?!

“’Mad Men’ approach.We’ve proven our ads can work,” said Karp. I’ve never seen an ad on Tumblr so I don’t really know WTF he is talking about, but OK? Maybe that’s a good sign!

“It’s true that we don’t have the same demographic information that a Facebook does and we likely won’t. But we have one of the most robust networks of content and the most highly engaged audience of humans that comes there hungry for that content. What that means is, creative advertisers who make great ads that blend in with that content have the opportunity to tell a story that resonates with people in an incredibly human way that no level of targeting is going to be able to replicate,” he continued.

So there will be ads, they’ll just be “cool.” Yeah, OK. Riiiiiiiight. I guess we’ll just have to see!

In Other News

There’s a Hunger Games makeup line coming out. Weeee.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have supposedly broken up. Do we even care anymore? I don’t know, guuuuuuys.

“All this stuff came up,” a source close to Pattinson, 27, tells Us Weekly of the pair, who began fighting after the British actor blew off a birthday party planned in his honor by Stewart, 23. Dating for about three years, the Twilight costars bickered “about the cheating, about how selfish she always is, about how moody she always is,” the source explains.

This is Ke$ha’s butt.

Watch Taylor Swift diss Justin Bieber and then pretend like she is not just as evil as the rest of us!

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