Cosmic Candy: May 20 – 26

We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

Aries and Aries Rising- Astrologically speaking, this is a no non-sense kind of week. If your career isn’t fulfilling you than you are likely to be agitated beyond relief – this is not a time to pretend that things are hunky-dory if they are not. When we finally commit to the thing in life that calls us, inspires us, hounds us, surrounds us (and haunts us if we ignore it) there is a relief that embraces us. If we dare to hold it, it will hold us and it’s this embrace that can and will transform our lives. No relationship is without peril, no union is without strife but any good partnership is worth the work, the wait and the struggle because the payoff is the freedom to be ourselves

Taurus and Taurus Rising- Whatever you fear and deny that you fear could have an uncanny way of manifesting in your life this week. I don’t say this in hopes that it will, I say it to inspire you to be brave enough to look under the bed and introduce yourself to the monsters that live there. The recent eclipse activity in your sign could have been enough to have influenced your ability to feel stable, strong and stoic and this week may bring up more of those unconscious fears and drives that are a little horrifying to look at in the light of day. However, if you can view these fears or insecurities as opportunities to resolve some unfinished business than you could move mountains of karma and lifetimes of baggage. It’s important that life is actually getting “in” and effecting how you see the world. You are being asked and/or asking some big questions right (like what’s the point of all this and what do I find meaningful?) now which is good as the questions themselves will point you in the direction you need to take, answers are for amateurs.

Gemini and Gemini Rising- When I look at your chart I see you with a foot in the present and one in the past and I don’t think this is a bad thing. We need to know what we come from in order to know how we can move forward. The big questions for you this week are going to be about moving beyond what your parents or ancestors where able to do, create or become. What have you literally or figuratively been passed down? What do you have a hard time with in your family history and how does that manifest in your own behavior? Transcending the boundaries of our family patterns can be remarkably challenging and wildly rewarding, not only for us but also for our entire lineage. As you work at pushing past your limitations you may start to find that what you thought you would be doing with your life isn’t turning out the way you wished-but fear not, it wasn’t supposed to. A significant alteration of your goals and dreams is par for the course right now. You may be feeling a little bored and/or dismayed with the groups of people that you have been involved in and you are most likely needing some new social experiences. Your friends need to be able to reflect the changes that are happening to you on an internal level. Positive mirroring is essential for most humans, but more so for Gemini’s as you are constantly seeking information and reflection from your partners. If your current relationships can’t hold that reflection than you may want to ask yourself if it’s worth keeping them around. It’s a long life, but it’s too short to spend with folks that don’t share our hopes and dreams.

Cancer and Cancer Rising- It’s as if the cosmos has you by the shoulders and is about to give you a good shake, lovingly of course but a good old shake nonetheless. This is no time to shirk your responsibilities to yourself, pretend that you like your job if you don’t or that you are happy with your life if you aren’t. More than anything, the energy this week is trying to wake you up and help you find the courage you need in order to do what you truly want to do. It’s time that you (respectfully) take a step back from your families vision for your life and choose to dance into your own-even if it isn’t fully formed. It’s important to note that it can be intoxicating to be your parents favorite or “good” child-but this week is more about breaking those unsaid familial agreements and inventing your own way to get from A to B-even if it means risking the approval of those around you. If you refuse to move with your impulses and allow yourself to stay stuck in fear, than life will have a way of moving things around for. Trust me when I say it’s so much more fun to be proactive in this situation than not.

Leo and Leo Rising- The bell has rung, the kids are rushing into the classroom, the teachers are getting ready to get their education on and it’s time for you to get schooled. Every time your worldview gets challenged this week I want you to rejoice. You need new ideas and experiences like a wannabe Hollywood starlet needs an agent. You may find yourself leaping from subject to subject letting your fascinations pull you in too many directions-don’t take any one subject as the gospel instead entertain as many possibilities as you desire. It’s really beneficial to let the mind be reset every once in a while, wipe the slate clean-especially if you find yourself becoming overly attached to any idea or principal.

Virgo and Virgo Rising- This is your week to shine; show up to work, school or any other public role that you have with all you’ve got. If you are coming up against creative blocks know that it’s completely natural, especially in this astrological weather. Any blocks that we come up against are really important discoveries because they are clues that point us to a time when we misinterpreted what someone said or did. As children we believe others when they say in either overt or covert ways that we aren’t good enough. As adults hopefully we can untangle these lies and see that the actual problem did not lie with us, but with the one who inflicted the wound. If you are up against creative inhibition I want you to dig around and ask yourself if you are you evading your art and your creative pursuits for fear that you lack of ability. Are there childhood traumas that get in the way of you fully expressing yourself? It’s time to be your own advocate and celebrate your unique and creative genius because there is too much to miss out on if you don’t. This is not a time to let old doubts spoil the kind of opportunity you have to show up for life.

Libra and Libra Rising- Duty and obligation have little to do with what you need in your intimate partnerships right now. Your relationships need some work, some reinvention, some change, some liberation and some excitement-as does your mind. Many partnerships may break off and there could be more disruption in this area of life then normal which can tend to spiral you into some darker parts of your childhood, take heed here and check your calendar if it helps you stay in the present moment. There may need to be different boundaries drawn between you and others, especially between you and other family members-this is a healthy component to getting along on an over populated planet. We all need our space (that includes you) so don’t be afraid to give a little more room to others than you may normally be inclined to. If your relationships are going to last their structures need to be spacious, patient and loving enough to hold the complexity of two people trying to understand themselves and each other.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising- The same old same old isn’t going to cut it. Your mind needs to dive into whatever is piquing your interest and your daily routines need the equivalent of a B12 shot. If you feel your are in the wrong line of work than the question is, what skills can you work on that can move you towards a more fulfilling experience of your day to day? If it’s your health that needs a boost than what kind of shift in attitude can you have about your body and its value? One of the greatest tragedies is to squander the immense opportunity that we receive every day that we are on this planet. Our dreams are given form little by little and day by day-we realize our greatest potential by putting one foot in front of the other. It’s a simple strategy, but it’s powerful to truly utilize. I want you to let yourself be absorbed by whatever it is that you are learning right now and apply it to your life in the most practical of ways-they tend to be the most meaningful.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising- One of the lessons that all natives of your sign have to contend with this lifetime is the problems that excess can bring. More is better is the mantra of Sagittarius and if this law applies to intoxicants than understanding who you are and what worth you have becomes more difficult than it needs to be, and expressing yourself to the rest of the world gets messy, muddled and confused. It would be a shame to rely too heavily on the crutches of party favors right now, as there is an added dose of enthusiasm for living life that is present in your chart. Engage your hobbies this week as they have a way of waking up our latent creative potential-the stakes are low when we can think of something as recreational. I’d love for this attitude to extend into your dating or romantic life so that you might take the pressure off of yourself and your dates/partners. Try something new and exciting-but be responsible in your play as this can be a very fertile time both creatively and physically (yes I am talking baby making).

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising- Forget about what the “right” thing to do is and instead rely on your feelings to guide you. Things may be shifting so fast that you don’t have time to think things through-you need to rely more on your impulse than your pragmatism. There is most likely a desire to move or shift the structure of your home, this could manifest as something you physically do or it could be symbolic-there is a deep reservoir of energy that is being released in you that may feel like its moving you around. The other way this astrology could manifest is as a part of your past that rises to the surface for inspection, when/if it does I want you to remember that it doesn’t actually hold any power over you save for the power you allow it to have. The only thing any of us have power over is our own lives- take this sentiment to heart this week and decide to make healthy choices that support your self-discovery. There is a desire to experience yourself differently, who you thought you where is rapidly shifting, it may be a little unnerving but you are well served to allow anything that is inauthentic to be burned in the metaphorical fire. Get rid of old clothes, old photos old anything that is tying you to a life that you no longer are interested in living.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising- It looks like this week’s astrology aims to serve you up some fairly hefty life lessons. Our positive potentials are likely to be caught up and entangled with our darkest secrets; our feelings of shame and self-doubt. That’s why there are so many myths about a monster, dragon or terrifying deity guarding a giant reservoir of gold. The treasure isn’t generally out there in the open for the taking; self-realization involves covering some treacherous terrain. Our inner gold is something that we pay a substantial price to get to, but it’s ours for the reclaiming. Generally when we reject an aspect of ourselves it doesn’t go away, it simply gets stronger in the dark places we’ve stuffed it into until one day it emerges fully formed, fully grown and fully empowered. Our inner demons must be faced in order to be liberated, transformed and eventually re-integrated into our personalities as the treasure that was once kept from us and is now returned to us.

Pisces and Pisces Rising- Values are funny things because they generally seem like absolutes, and yet as we grow and shift so do they. It’s the same with our entire life; our career, our friends, our hopes and our dreams all shift and move with our evolution along this path called life. I mention these areas of life because this is where most of the movement is occurring for you this week. You are somewhat in the spotlight come the end of the week with an eclipse in your 10th house of career and public life- but what you are really yearning for is some much needed downtime. We have to understand whom we are in order to know what it is that holds value for us and what might be worth pouring our life energy into. What used to have meaning for you actually isn’t as important as it once was; this is how it’s meant to be. Trust that the changes you are experiencing now will lead you to the work, the friends and the communities that will help you along on your path.

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