How to Not Look Like a Hot Mess When the Weather Gets Hot

This is the time we’ve all been preparing for–summer is near and dear to all our hearts. We’ve been waiting too long to don our bikinis for vacations at the beach, and looking forward to perfectly lazy days spent soaking up the sun. We’re here, and summer is everything we imagined it would be… except for the sweat, frizzy hair, and heat exhaustion.

Don’t let the heat stop you from looking fabulous as you enjoy your summer vacation with these tips:

1. Go natural.

One of the classic signs that you’ve been out in the scorching heat for too long is when your makeup has melted off and your up-do is all over the place. When the sun is beaming down, be sure to use water-proof makeup that won’t smudge. Better yet–try to go easier on the makeup. Caking on a lot of product will trap sweat and oils, so go light with everything and be sure to use cleansers to remove all traces at night.

2. Turn off the heat!

And by that, I mean stop using heat to style your hair! It will be tempting to use flat irons and hair dryers in order to tame your locks, but using these on a daily basis will contribute to heat damage and severely dry out your hair. Using hairstyles like braids, buns, and ponytails can keep your hair from being unruly, and a small dollop of mousse or gel can prevent frizzies and flyaways. If you absolutely must use hair dryers, try using the cool setting, and a heat-protecting spray can help minimize fried locks.

3. Get rid of grease.

Those humid mid-day conditions are notorious for giving us shiny, oily faces. Not to mention that “greasy”, stringy look in your hair. While you can’t always wash your face in the middle of the day, and you might not want to wash your hair every day, there are some simple solutions that will reduce the oily look. Blotting sheets are perfect for reducing shine, and are available at most makeup counters–a good substitute is toilet tissue. For your hair, dry shampoo can be perfect for avoiding the greasy hair issue, but won’t dry your hair out from excessive washing.

4. Protect yourself.

We’ve all been taught about the sun’s harmful effects, so it’s a no-brainer that you should be applying sunscreen in order to combat those harmful rays. What you might not realize, is that a quick lather of sunscreen on your body is not enough! It’s important to re-apply sunscreen throughout the day, and, your eyes and face need extra protection as they’re more sensitive. Wearing a baseball-cap can shield your head, and your eyes will thank you for wearing sunglasses (plus, you won’t have to squint to see everything!). Many makeup products even offer formulas with sunscreen to do double duty.

5. Let your body breathe.

It’s finally summer, which means you get to go outside and play… so why would you trap your body in unbreathable fabrics? Dark jeans and tight clothes will make you feel a billion times hotter! Wearing light, airy fabrics like linens and cotton, in loose and flowing styles is the perfect way to battle the intense heat and humidity. There’s a reason those breezy sundresses are so popular!

6. Stay hydrated.

And I cannot stress this enough! When you’re de-hydrated, it shows–plus, the effects of de-hydration will last until you’ve fully replenished lost fluids (hint: that’s more than a water bottle’s duty). So, in order to prevent de-hydration and reduce risk of heat exhaustion, make sure you always carry around water wherever you go. Just having it on you will encourage you to drink more. If you’re going to work out, be sure to drink before and after. Incorporate foods with high water content into your diet–think watermelons, pomegranate, lettuce, tomatoes. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink water… make it a habit to drink regularly!

With these tips, you can prepare yourself for an eventful summer without looking like a hot mess. Don’t let the heat and humidity stop you from looking and feeling fantastic… this is your summer.

[Lead image via Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock]

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