You Can Now Sell Your ‘Destiel’ Supernatural Fan Fiction On Amazon

Ship! Ship! Ship! Amazon knows that most of us spend NaNoWriMo writing extensive fan fiction about our favorite male TV characters touching each other’s butts. To help us to continue to be more weird than the rest of our friends Amazon has started ‘Kindle Worlds’ a new platform dedicated to fan fiction writers. Basically you upload your short or long form fan fiction into the Kindle store and get 35% of the royalties. (That doesn’t sound like much to us but, hey, it’s a start?)

According to TechCrunch, “Amazon is introducing a way to let writers profit from their fan fiction, via Kindle Worlds. Worlds joins Kindle Singles and Kindle Serials as a way for authors to earn money from digital publishing, and the best part is that in this case you don’t even have to be all that creative – the idea is to let fans create stories around original properties from other authors, offering them up for purchase on the Kindle book store. Amazon then pays out royalties to both the original rights holder, as well as to the fan fiction author, with the author making around 35 percent of all net revenue for works over 10,000 words.”

I think this is a pretty cool idea and sort of legitimizes fan fiction writers who probably put a lot of time and effort into what they write. Fan fic maybe silly sometimes, overly erotic and downright bizarre but people love it for a number of reasons and to me that’s enough to make it a valid form of writing.

To celebrate I decided to write about my favorite TV ship: Destiel. It’s not a coincidence that they won our Greatest Television Couple of All Time Bracket. They are flawless.

Crowley has taken Castiel prisoner as his sex slave. 

But it’s really just to get Dean’s attention because Crowley really just wants Dean’s butt.

Meanwhile Sam is in his hotel crying because no one cares about him because he is big and stupid and some weird caveman derivative with ever-growing sideburns. 

As Dean is getting wasted to cope with Cas’ absence, he finds out his boo has been kidnapped and hops into his other boo, the Impala, to drive to Kansas/Arkansas/Ohio/Montana or whatever midwestern state the apocalypse is happening in that mysteriously looks like Vancouver. 

While he is putting on a suit, because he looks hot in a suit and Cas likes him with hair wax, he thinks to himself, “Why doesn’t the apocalypse happen somewhere nice like Hawaii or Costa Rica? Why is it always in some bumblefuck midwestern state that mysteriously looks like Vancouver—I’ve never been to Vancouver, gah!” 

Meanwhile Sam sat at a bar, tears in his eyes, lamenting his situation . . . “I’m hideous!” He exclaims. Everyone stares.

During bondage sex, Castiel stoically gives Crowley a twerkin’ lap dance. “Does Dean like it when you do this?” Crowley snarls. “I am your king,” he says on all fours.

Sam longs for the good old days, before Cas, when he and Dean dressed up in clever costumes instead of just pretending to be the FBI all the time. “It was just more fun that way,” he oog-oogs to himself.  Sam sad. 

Dean finally shows up, Cas mid-twerking. He is jealous but he knows his boo-boo wouldn’t be doing this unless it was against his will. Dean can barely stand to look.

Crowley greets Dean, trembling in his knickers. His buttocks tightens. His #1 crush is, like, right there! 

Sam continues to breakdown. Ooog. Ooog. Oog.

Dean fights Crowley blah blah blah, etc. Let’s get to the good shit already.

Satisfied with Dean’s epic save, Castiel performs a whirlwind of a BJ on Dean. Cas felt his muscular thighs shudder beneath him.

The moment last forever. 

Until Sam walks in, upset, caveman-ing, oog.

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