5 Things You Didn’t Know About Being British

I’m a London girl who has visited and studied in America for a decent amount of time, so I’ve definitely experienced my share of cultural difference. Yes, I definitely confirm some British stereotypes. I have the exact British accent you’re imagining, I love Kate Middleton, and I will always take scones and crumpets over Oreos.

While visiting America, people asked me some really bizarre questions (I’m always happy to answer them, but a few were pretty hilarious) – ‘Have you met the queen?’, ‘Are there colleges in England?’, ‘Shakespeare was from England?!’ to name a few. I’m guessing people have a real interest in British culture, especially if they’ve never been to the UK, so I figured I’d write up 5 things you might not know about being a born and bred Brit.

Want to know anything else about being British? Did anything on this list surprise you? Leave a comment below and I will respond with my best British-y knowledge!

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