The Best TV Series to Marathon This Memorial Day Weekend

No plans for this Memorial Day long weekend? All your friends are going away? Or you just don’t feel like leaving your comfy couch? Perfect! We have the best TV shows for you to marathon during the long weekend. So claim that spot on the couch, cause it’s gonna be yours all weekend long.

Arrested Development

AD fans everywhere are counting down the seconds till this Sunday. The highly anticipated season 4 will air on Netflix this Sunday at 12:01 PST. If you’re behind, now is the time to catch up! And if you’re up to date, get ready because all 15 new episodes will air that night!


Season 3 doesn’t start till summer, so you have a lot of time to catch up. But I can almost guarantee that if you start watching this action packed psychological thriller this weekend, you won’t stop. There’s 24, hour long episodes. That’s an ENTIRE day. But hey if you have nothing better to do…

House of Cards

Greed. Sex. Corruption. If you like political dramas, this ones for you. A Netflix original starring Kevin Spacey about the dark side of modern DC. 13 hours are waiting for you on Netflix.

The Walking Dead

Who wouldn’t want to spend all weekend with zombies? You’ve heard all the rave reviews for this show and they’re all true! But be warned..35 episodes of flesh eating, gut gushing horror and drama will have you looking like a zombie when you’re done.

Game of Thrones

3 seasons of backstabbing, betrayal, power, and sex. Need I say more?

Star Wars

Though not technically a tv show, no long weekend is complete without some Star Wars. Spike TV has the 3 prequels, Episode I, II, and III this weekend.


10 hours of this crazy but relatable HBO series will have you all caught up. Prepare for a lot of awkwardness, drunk texts, and bad sex.

The Hills

6 seasons. 102 episodes. I don’t even want to know how many hours that is. But if you need your boyfriend drama, mascara ruining tears, and cat fight fix, The Hills will get the job done.

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