“I Want To Do This With Your…” Bringing Dirty Talk To The Bedroom

Dirty talk. Some love it, some hate it. And some of us have no clue what to do. It’s usually because we’re afraid to sound stupid. No one wants to blurt out a few XXX words in the heat of the moment only to realize they sound ridiculous. But have no fear, we’ll show you the basics on how to start talking dirty in the bedroom.

Did you know your brain is actually the biggest sex organ in your body? That’s why sometimes all you need to get in the mood are thoughts. Your brain is super powerful and the more it’s stimulated during sex, the easier it is to reach the big O. Dirty talk doesn’t have to wait until you’re actually doing the deed. It can be very powerful foreplay and make sex even more amazing. Want better and hotter sex (yes you do!)?

Then head over to YourTango for a guide on how to talk dirty!

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