Michelle Rodriguez Knows Women’s Roles Suck, Writes Her Own

Michelle Rodriguez knows that aside from there not being any roles for women that the ones that do exist sort of suck. She was pretty honest to NY Mag, saying,”It’s so hard to find really good writers. It’s a fairly new, last-twenty-year thing to have strong, independent, free-spirited women on film. Eighty percent of the writers are guys, most of them are married in Beverly Hills and they’re married to some woman who obviously annoys them or they wouldn’t write the way they write.” It can feel that way seeing the way women are written, like, have these dudes only been hanging out with morons that they think all girls are stupid, love-thirsty, neurotic messes or do they actually see us that way? 

Michelle is writing her own female driven movies, three of them, called Sedated, Matriarch Society and Kingdom Come.

In Other News

Emma Roberts joins the cast of American Horror Story 3. Another lady, weeeee.

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Farrah Abraham is getting a reality show. SHOCKING – said no one ever when referring to the reality shows of people with sex tapes.

So Ray J finally admitted that “I Hit It First” is really about Kim Kardashian. Ugh, this is soooo gross. #objectifying women

“I never denied itI just felt like in the promotional campaign to go so hard after you kind of know what the song is about…so, I just let the song speak for itself.”

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