10 Reasons Michelle Williams Is The Worst Destiny’s Child Member

Sooooooooo, nobody likes Michelle, let’s just get that out of the way. Hating Michelle—not really hating so much as hatin’—is a common internet meme because it’s just hilarious to think of her as the absolute worse. She does nothing for the trio, she adds nothing to the experience and she is barely allowed to showcase the vocal talent she probably has. There are entire blogs dedicated to pooping on this lady’s integrity but I believe it’s done all in good fun by fans of the group, the same way fans of TV shows are the first ones to point out a show’s shortcomings and flaws. I can’t fathom what it’s like to work with a diva like Beyonce and, her partner in crime, Kelly who had seniority in Destiny’s Child but hey, while three members were rotated out and fired, Michelle stayed. I guess that says something.

 Here are 10 reasons she is the worst and check out the bonus video where an interviewer asks Michelle, “So, you sing?!”


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