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What Guys Wish Women Did In Bed, According to The Dude


“The time has come,” the Dude hath said, “to speak of many things, of threeways, tits, and public sex, and usage of cock rings.” We’re through the looking glass today, Ladies. I’ve gone years of Dude’s Lists without addressing this particular topic but I could hold back no longer. Sex is great. I’m sure sex with you is great. Doesn’t mean your partner is without a few wishes you’ve yet to grant. Now I’ve done my research, you’ll see a lot of the common complaints/requests not here. Anal? Child’s play. Role play? OBVIOUS! No, while this list is about fulfillment and fantasy, this is also meant to be a little practical, although slightly brutal. Since we are dealing with the adventurous and the fantastical, you’ll notice a theme with our gallery…see if you can guess whilst you devour this list of what we wish you’d do during the blessed experience we call coitus (F*CKING!)

In case you couldn’t catch on, this gallery are some of the top porn stars in the industry…you probably recognize many of them from when he tries to shut his laptop and hide his boner when you catch him jerking off. Did any of these surprise you? Men polled felt these were very reasonable requests. Disagree? Tried any or many? What do you wish we’d do? Speak now and perhaps you’ll see your tip in a future Dude’s List.

Use with care,

The Dude

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