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Cosmic Candy: May 27 – June 2


We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

Aries and Aries Rising- It can be frustrating to be the recipient of a vision that the collective isn’t yet ready to receive.  Where you may see a solution to crime and punishment through restorative and racial justice practices, the broader population may look at you as if to say, “But how will we punish these evil monsters?”  Shaking your head, all you can do is keep doing what you know needs to be done.  We can’t all be lucky enough to see and experience the effects of the work we are compelled to do-and yet we must do it anyways.  I don’t think Sojourner Truth knew we would be reciting “Ain’t I A Woman?” all these years later but she knew she had to say the words whether they lived on beyond her or fell on deaf ears.  We all have a job to do, and Aries, your job is to do the thing you know you must irregardless of if we are ready to receive your wisdom or not.

Taurus and Taurus Rising- More and more I’d like you to imagine yourself opening up to the love that is around you.  Relationships act like a healing salve; friends come to the rescue, providing shoulders to cry on, lean on and stand on.  It’s really important that you allow yourself the luxury of opening up to others and letting them be there for you.  I know that recently it may have felt like your partnerships have been tricky, folks may have been calling you out on control issues, commitment issues or authority issues-or they may want to but not know exactly how to approach it with you.  If you can be less defensive and more willing to listen to the reflections that others have for you, you may come to see how we really want to support and help you on this next part of your journey.  It would be a shame to let your stubborn defenses keep you from some heartfelt and loving exchanges with others that could help you grow into the kind of person you are striving to become.

Gemini and Gemini Rising- Write down all your ideas this week.  Don’t edit or choose or concretize any of them, just honor them by writing them down.   You are brimming with the kind of concepts that can and will (if you so choose) turn into something solid and possibly financially rewarding in the coming months.  I am hoping that you are feeling the yearlong influence of Jupiter’s transit through your sign that is about to come to a close.  Sometimes it’s hard to feel the effects of a Jupiter transit until well after it’s past, it’s kind of like gaining weight-one day your jeans just don’t fit and suddenly there is an excuse to go shopping for new ones!  Jupiter transits are like that-but without the fat phobia that advertising culture is so good at engendering.  What I am hoping that you have gained is a certainty and an unshakable faith in yourself.  I see you taking up more space in your body, mind and life- as if so much more of you is present that you have expanded your entire being into the next size up.

Cancer and Cancer Rising- You’ve got a lot of ideas but they haven’t fully formed, yet. Most of your creative pursuits are still hanging out in the anxiety filled greenrooms of your mind.  This is OK and how it needs to be for the moment.  It’s difficult though because as you can most likely sense-life is about to open up for you.  This is both terribly exciting and terrifying; it could feel as if life is trying to swallow you whole.  I can see that the tidal-wave-like opportunity that is coming for you could feel a tad overwhelming, but I don’t want you to worry and even less do I want you to merely survive this onslaught.  What I want you to do is to dust off your surfboard, throw some wax on that sucker and prepare yourself for the ride of your life.  I want you to thrive-not just stay alive or enjoy the ride, both of which are also possibilities for the transits that you are experiencing.  If you want to build a life that has rich undertones, poetic overtones and healing octaves than I want you to dig deep and find out what wave would be the most meaningful for you to ride.  Remember that a meaningful life is a successful life, not the other way around.

Leo and Leo Rising- I’d like you to take advantage of the moments that you spend with your friends this week, especially the ones that have that unique quality of seeing life as you do, or even better, seeing life as you wish you did.  It’s important that we remember each other, that we remember that together, as a small group of well-organized people- we can create anything.  Sometimes one of the most important things to do is to shut up and listen to what is being said so that we can take advantage of the wisdom that is being channeled through our friends and community members.  That’s the homework that I would like to give you this week, especially if you usually like to step-up and take the stage is to step down and listen, deeply.  This way when it’s time for you to speak you’ll do so with minimal theatrics and maximum clarity, truth and meaning.

Virgo and Virgo Rising- I predict a couple of moments this week that will grab you by surprise.  I see these as moments where you accidentally “out” yourself to the world.  Part of the beauty of Virgo is its refusal to be self-congratulatory, however this can lead to years of going unnoticed which may rob your family, friends and community of the chance to celebrate you.   It looks like what is “outed” this week is your ability to think on your feet and serve the problem at hand.  You can be a leader by demonstrating how important it is to serve the team.  This may be wisdom that some aren’t quite ready to receive, but pay no attention to them, it’s time for you to take the reigns and show up as a facilitator, conductor or steward.  You may even experience this astrology as being comfortable enough in your own abilities that you can sit back, release your sometimes iron-fisted controlling grip and trust that the pieces of your current puzzle will find their way towards fitting together.  You need not manipulate, maneuver or convince any piece to “get in line” if you can trust the components at hand to ask for your help when needed.

Libra and Libra Rising- Having finished some recent apprenticeship you are about to set out into the bright light of day and show the world what you’ve got.  On your way out and into the public sphere you are being granted many boons, but they don’t come without responsibility.  There are things in life that we all have to carry and it’s a long road so we may as well learn to carry them with ease as it’s not what we carry but how we carry it that can inspire others.  When we are authentic and true to our nature it is as if we are gifted with protection and guidance.  As you set off into this next leg of your journey know that nothing matters more than your truth, nothing is more valuable than your integrity and nothing is comparable to the sanity that it can bring.  Money may have a funny way of pouring into your life right now, opportunities and success should be knocking at your door in the coming weeks but be careful with it.  Don’t squander these opportunities by selling yourself short-use them by upholding all that is true and good and honest about you, uphold all that you have had to carry in a way that we can all be inspired by.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising- It’s coming my dear, it is on its way- some sweet relief.  It is lovely, it is rare and it is well earned.  This has been a rocky few months for you and this last round of eclipses especially so-if not ruff than deep, if not deep than life enhancing.  I have seen many of you be catapulted to the next level of your lives either through some difficulty or through success, but in true Scorpio fashion it’s been pretty dramatic.  The next week is about letting some of those shifts and changes integrate and settle, as you’ll soon be exploring some new ground-but lets not get ahead of ourselves.  For now enjoy the down time you have and the time you have with loved ones; intimacy is the theme of the week for you so if you’ve been too afraid to dive in for fear of being betrayed, I’d recommend giving yourself a little nudge towards opening to others-the rewards will far out weigh the risk.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising- Just because the lights go out doesn’t mean that it’s time to go to sleep.  In fact your job right now is to stay awake in the dimmer places of your consciousness and bring illumination there.  The planets seem to want you to stay present to mystery, magic and wisdom.  Be on the look out for mystics in the form of bus drivers, delivery people, blind dates and AT&T operators; trust me when I say that the universe has some pretty funny and honest reflections for you this week.  While we are on the subject of “others”, I’d like to remind you that it’s easy to project our greatest fears and our greatest potentials onto those around us, it’s easier than actually being it ourselves.  If we can stay lost in romantic fantasy than it’s a pretty safe bet that we will never get to the heart of our issues-which means that we’ll never really get to our heart.  Whether you are single or coupled, keep an eye on how much of your power you give to romantic fantasy and ask yourself; what so wrong about his reality that I am constantly drifting off into some alternate universe?  Be here now, I think you’ll find it’s a pretty happening place to be.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising- People are your greatest resource and you are about to be shown what a source of wealth your partnerships are.  Wish for no ones life but your own, especially in the coming months.  You have the opportunity to benefit through your partnerships right now in ways that will astound you if you stay vigilant about not projecting your power, intellect and beauty onto others.  Whatever you see in “them” is in you too-you just might have not mastered the fine art of reclaiming quite yet.  You’ve had quite a feverish stint of working your tuchas off and now it’s time to enjoy some of the fruits of your labors with friends, colleagues and peers.  Enjoy is the operative word here Capricorn, because enjoying your friends, lovers and even your “enemies” is the surest way for you to achieve right now.  Relax, so much of the work is done, it’s now time for you to show up for the party (it’s as important as the work, trust me).

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising- Every creation is first a thought, the blue print for every form is found in the mind.  Sometimes this comes to us as a “download”, a brilliant streak of insight, like the unveiling of a sacred object.  Sometimes it’s offered to us in whispers, signs, hints and clues.  One thing is for sure; our minds, when used wisely, can be the conduits for the expression of our highest good.  I know that you have read about this in every self-help book written since “The Secret” (which unfortunately tainted the idea by proposing that we use this law to acquire things, as if manifesting a Porsche was proof of our spiritual evolution) but I still stand by the concept as true.  We think and then we create what we think.  There is something in your chart this week that demonstrates how closely these principles are related.  It’s a good week to work this law to your advantage.  Change your thoughts-or rather open up to a higher octave of the thought you would generally think-and see what comes into form before your very eyes.

Pisces and Pisces Rising- Even though the moon peaked this past weekend there is something welling up inside of you-as if the source of all good things is about to overflow.  As a water sign you are blessed (I could just end the sentence there) with the power to feel.  Often this gift can seem like a curse, but I would argue that it’s only because so much effort has been spent trying to desensitize us.  Imagine living in a world that celebrated sensitivity?!  No matter, your gift is so powerful, so transformative and so redemptive that it’s the one thing that cannot ever truly be ignored-and that is the power of Love.  If we put love at the center of all that we do, we simply cannot fail.  If we put our energy into seeing the humanity in others than no day is a waste, if we refused to be numbed to the pain of living than we are sure to be granted the joy of loving.  This, my friend is what I propose you make your summer about, make this your Summer Of Love and rejoice in your inherent powers to enjoy yourself because you can feel, and because you choose to feel, and because you refuse to deny your most precious gift.

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