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The 10 Most Infamous Celebrity Best Friendships


So last night I was watching the greatest documentary ever made, besides Britney: For The Record and all the other one about real issues, Madonna: Truth or Dare. In it Madonna makes an interesting point, I’ll paraphrase, she says, “I never understand why celebrities think they can impose a friendship on you because they also happen to be a celebrity.” She says this as a group of celebs, Kevin Costner, Oliva Newton-John, Mandy Patinkin and Warren Beatty visit her backstage. Kevin Costner calles Madonna’s concert, “Neat.” A concert in which she simulates masturbation, wears amazing costumes and dances her ass off is reduced to the antithesis of what it actually is, neat. As Kevin Costner walks away Madonna sticks her tongue out at him when his back is turned. Perfection.

Now back to Madonna’s thought. As a celebrity is it best to limit your close relationships to muggles? On the one hand your life will be much less public, on the other hand you never know who is exploiting your friendship because you are famous. Plus, I can only fathom that celebs have really weird lives and it probably takes somebody else with a similar experience to understand your own. I can’t imagine dropping all of my amazing non-celeb BFFs if I ever got famous but would I just outgrow them?

Celebrity friendships can be tricky, we’ve got 10 to name a few.

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