Roaming Hunger Helps You Find ALL The Food Trucks

Food trucks have swelled in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. The food is (usually) awesome and unique, and you can’t beat the convenience (I always give extra props to those parked outside bars and college campuses). And thanks to their ever-growing popularity, you no longer have to live in just LA or NYC to get to experience them – they’re everywhere!

Want to find food trucks in your city? Check out Roaming Hunger, which tracks local food trucks via a simple map-based website or an easy-to-use mobile app.

Hungry right now? Use Roaming Hunger‘s map feature to find the nearest food truck near you. You can narrow the search by what type of food you’re looking for (sweet, savory, vegetarian), or sort by the most-liked trucks in town. You can also see what trucks will be nearby tomorrow or the day after, so you can plan ahead for lunch, as well as those which have been around in the last few days (which comes in especially handy in those times you drunkenly buy the best gourmet hot dogs ever but can’t remember what the name of the truck was).

Roaming Hunger also helps you keep track of your favorite food trucks. Just search the truck’s name in their database and you can see where they will be over the next few days (and where they have been), check out their website and menu, as well as sign up for alerts for when they’ll be in your area.

What’s more, Roaming Hunger also has a feature to help you book a food truck to cater your next special event. Just give them your info and what kind of food you’re looking for, and they’ll help match you with the perfect food truck for your occasion (Taco truck= best mixer ever, right?).

So now whenever I’m craving pulled pork and mac-n-cheese sliders from my favorite local food truck, instead of hoping to find them at every street fair/food truck night/concert, all I have to do is check Roaming Hunger to see where they are! Yummy!

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