Would You Let Your Kids Watch A Cartoon About A Boy Who Turns Into A Girl?

This, like, made my morning because it is oozing with progression and adorableness. Australia is premiering, (I hope the U.S. will hop on this bandwagon) a cartoon for kids called SheZow about a boy named Guy whose superpower is to become a superhuman girl by saying the words, “You Go Girl!” Not only does this send a great message, that it’s OK for boys to aspire to have traits that are associated with girls and that girls are strong and powerful—it’s also an excellent way to have both a female and male character as a lead. I think it could also help a lot transgender kids feel a bit more comfy in their own skin?

However, in less progressive news, a bunch of stupid-idiots don’t want this show to air because they think it will turn their children gay. First of all, being a gay man does mean you are anything like a girl the only thing it means is that you are attracted to other men. Secondly, nothing turns anyone gay. Lastly, if there was a TV show that turned people, who in the hell cares? Ain’t nothing wrong with being gay. And P.S. gender binaries are stupid, people are just people. Boys cry. Girls can do math. The world turns the same.

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