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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Try On Makeup At Sephora: Herpes


OK, this wasn’t at Sephora but this can happen any place the general public is allowed to try on communal makeup. According to the NY Post,“Starkeema Greenridge, 27, of Harlem, says she tried a sample of the Estée Lauder M.A.C. cosmetic at the May 7 gig, and now believes it was used by other patrons.” Starkeema (what a great name, btw) said, “I asked [the M.A.C. employee] if it was clean, and he said, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah.’ Two days later, my upper lip was swollen with blisters.” Starkeema is now suing.

This is so gross and probably my worse nightmare. I should hope that people who are aware they have certain diseases would refrain from using communal lip products. However, it is possible she got it from somewhere else? I once knew a girl who had herpes in her eye (which is not sexual and very common) then touched her vagina (as some people do) and gave herself genital herpes.

In Other News

Victoria Beckham teaches her kids that the best reason to be rich and famous is to have the power to do good in the world. Cute.

“When you’re famous, you have a certain power to do good things.’ That’s how we started talking about charity. Cruz was really sweet and said, ‘When people listen to what I say, I could spread some good messages.’ It was a nice conversation to have with my child who’s only eight years old.”

Grumpy Cat is getting a movie. I am sure by the time the movie comes out we’ll all still be talking about Grumpy Cat and not some other meme.

This girl is completely jaded after being cheated on three times. Can you blame her?

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