5 Interesting Articles For The Wknd: An All-Girl X-Men, Bullying & Should You Go To College

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Marvel Debuts A New Comic Series: The All-Women X-Men 

“For months, I eagerly awaited the arrival of Marvel’s all-women series X-Men #1. I wasn’t sure what to expect: would the all-woman series be marketed as a comic for girls or just another showcase of all the great female X-Men characters?X:Men #1 was worth the wait. The series starts out dramatically and little is revealed in the first comic (released May 29), which left me hanging and anxious for more. The comic reads pretty much just like any other solid comic in the X-Men series—I appreciated that, since I don’t want the series to be wildly different simply because all of the characters are women.”

I would have devoured this as a kid. I may do so as an adult. CLICK HERE TO READ

I Was Bullied Through High School, Nobody Helped, But Success Is The Best Revenge

“My vanity is not a result of a problematic ego, but my shield. I know that I am not made of it, and that it gives me no amount of importance or substance. But when I could look in the mirror at the end of a day filled with girls pulling my hair in the hallway and turning to stare and laugh as I walked by, and see that familiar reflection, I felt OK. I felt assured that there was nothing wrong with me as a person, the reason that I was bullied was because I was pretty. I was a threat.”

Have you ever been picked on for being “conventionally pretty”? CLICK HERE TO READ

Abercrombie & Fitch Employees Struggled To Fit Into Abercrombie Clothes

“My fascination with the politics of clothing size began in 2004 when I worked at A&F corporate as a merchant in their outerwear division. Employees were expected to dress “on brand” at work, which meant always wearing A&F clothes from the current season. I squeezed myself into the second-largest A&F women’s size available — an 8 — and dieted to stay that size. It terrified me to know that if I gained weight and sized out of their women’s clothes, I’d have to wear ill-fitting men’s T-shirts and sweatshirts to work every day, as I’d seen other “large” women do.”

That sounds like physical and mental torture. CLICK HERE TO READ

Should You Go To College?

“For most students, the college investment “appears to pay off,” according to Philip Oreopoulos and Uros Petronijevic in a wonderful new study of studies on the benefits of higher education. Their lit review covers a lot of ground, from the growth of student debt to the most lucrative majors. Here are some of their major findings, gleaned from reams of research from the past 40 years, organized in an easy click-print-and-paste FAQ chart for young people thinking about more school — and older people debating whether college is still worth it.”

I don’t think I’d have this job without a college degree but damn did that degree cost me. CLICK HERE TO READ

Rapping For Peace In Somalia 

“The band hopes to build an alliance of musicians, artists, and other cultural personalities to promote a message of peace and also to convince vulnerable young people to turn away from violence and extremism. It’s something they’ve been doing for years in their home base of Eastleigh, a neighborhood in Nairobi, Kenya, that’s home to many Somali refugees—and also a stronghold of al-Shabaab. Their songs include “Yaabka al Shabaab” (“Get Out al-Shabaab”) and Dhibaatada Waa (“Make an End to the Conflict”), and naturally this has made them a target of extremist violence.”

Music. Makes the people. Come together. Yeeeeeeah. CLICK HERE TO READ

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