Bigots Are Upset About An Interracial Family In A Cheerios Commercial

This commercial is as bland as Cheerios taste. There’s nothing to racially highlight about it other than the fact that this little girl with a fabulous bouffant has a black father and a white mother. I don’t think most people would notice this or think too hard about it unless they were already thinking about that kind of thing for negative or positive reasons.

It’s not surprising to see more mixed families or “ethnically ambiguous” ones (like Emily’s family on Pretty Little Liars) on TV. America has always been a melting pot, despite its issues with race, there are many citizens who have tossed these prejudices aside and married outside of their own ethnicity. It’s the job of advertising and marketers to appeal to certain demographics to sell products. Many of marketing is blatantly racialized.

Just look at those McDonald’s commercials. The ones with black people feature a hip hop, ‘I’m lovin’ it’ song and the ones for hispanic people feature a salsa ‘I’m lovin’ it’ song. Many Americans are mixed now, so advertising is doing its best to brainwash those people too! I am not knocking representations of different kinds of people, I just generally dislike advertising as an industry.

This one is so politically neutral. It’s not like they show a mixed family and then declare, “THIS IS THE FUTURE OF AMERICA.” The commercial ends with the word, “Love.” Even that has little to do with the races because the ad is about a girl who pours a box of cheerios on her dad because her mom told her it can stop heart disease.

People are pissed about Cheerios imposing some kind of racial agenda and some are mad because the black father wasn’t a “stereotypical black guy,” what?

The comments were so negative on Youtube that they have been disabled. Here are some of the comments from Reddit

Because people need to be “loyal” to their races?

It’s a good thing no one gives a fuck about your opinions then.

To personally spite you.

Why does other people’s happiness make you angry?

Yep, all black people come from troubled homes. /sarcasm

Like, I get that there needs to be even more diversity than this, but getting mad at the pre-existing diversity is not really  a solution.

Yes, black people have all different kinds of voices . . .

Apparently, this is stereotype I wasn’t picking up on.

Um, what?

My brother’s wife is white, so I guess my beautiful nephew is the ugly monkey child of two race traitors. I couldn’t be more proud of him.

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