Summer is the Best Time to Be Single, So Embrace Your Solo Status

Ladies and Gents, we’ve made it.  It’s summer! And you know what that means.  People will finally stop looking at you like some kind of prude mythical being for being in your 20s and single.

In the summer being single is not only okay, it’s encouraged.  Even relatives that usually seem to spend all their time speculating about the 10,000 reasons why you haven’t found someone, seem to miraculously find something else to talk about for three months.

Welcome to the Good Life, friends.

Being single in the summer is amazing for a number of reasons.

1. It’s hot outside-  Now, I’m not suggesting that you let the weather dictate your love life, but come on.  Men are literally everywhere without shirts on.  Why would you want to tie yourself up during such a magical time?

2. Its the perfect time for a fling- Whether you’re going abroad or up the street, summer is the perfect time to have a light, casual something with someone you usually wouldn’t.  You both know you have to go back to school at some point, so there is already a definite ending to whatever it is you guys are doing.  Take a break from your real life and give it a chance.

3. Traveling- Unless you are planning on spending your whole summer in one place, it’d be pretty hard to sustain a relationship even if you wanted to.  Between internships and people going abroad almost no one is stationary during the summer.  If you are one of the lucky people that get to use this time to travel, you don’t want to waste it by being that girl that’s attached to her phone the whole time waiting for her boyfriend to text her. Ty and get the most out of your traveling experience and you can’t do that if you’re constantly stressing over someone thousands of miles away.

4. No Awkward Family Holidays- So you made it through Thanksgiving dinner where you were the only one who didn’t bring someone home.  You made it through the Merry Christmas texts that didn’t come along with presents and by some stroke of God you made it through Valentine’s Day with your sanity.  Great.  Reward yourself with embracing being single in the summer.  You have the whole year to stress about who you are going to bring to that annual Christmas party you don’t want to go to.  Give yourself a three month break.

5. Who are You Really Going to Date?-  Are you going home for the summer? Who are you really going to date there? Booger Bobby who picked his nose and wiped it on you in the third grade or Awkward Andy who never returned that pencil he borrowed during the SATs?  Exactly.  Home is the same as home has always been. None of the guys that were there when you left have miraculously turned into Ryan Gosling while you were gone. Sorry.  So, unless you are into circling back around and re-dating  your exes (please, God, don’t) then there really isn’t anyone amazing to date at home.  Or else you would have already dated them.

Summer is a time for opportunity and adventure!  You don’t want to be tied down.  (Unless you’re into s&m, which is your own deal.)  Get out and enjoy it.  You’re young! You’ve got plenty of time to get in a relationship when you’re old and probably less attractive.

[Lead image via MJTH/Shutterstock]

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