Our Favorite Dirty-Nasty Song Lyrics By Women In Hip Hop

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Last night CollegeCandy was invited to Summer Jam. Summer Jam is one of the biggest hip-hop festivals in the country. I wasn’t able to go because I was busy moving but Editor Alex was able to fill my heart with jealousy and rage. Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj were there in all of their glory.

In order to quell my bleeding heart, I went down a rabbit hole of dirty-nasty, cringeworthy, sexy song lyrics by my favorite female MCs and artists. Can you wear your sex on your sleeve like these girls?

1. “My neck, my back, lick my p***y and my crack.” -Khia, “My Neck, My Back.”

2. “I can spin around and keep the d**k still inside.” -Trina, “Look Back At Me.”

3. “Valley girls giving blowjobs for Louboutins, what you call that? Head over heels.” -Iggy Azalea, “Work.”

4. “I guess that c**t gettin’ eaten.” -Azealia Banks, “212.”

5. “I may be bad, but I’m perfectly good at it.” -Rihanna, “S&M”

6. “I just need a man with that good D game.” -Shystie, “Control It.”

7. “Designer p***y, my s**t comes in flavors.” -Lil Kim, “How Many Licks.”

8. “I know this p***y be yankin’.” -Lady, “Yankin'”

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