Cosmic Candy: June 3 – 9

We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

Aries and Aries Rising- There is some good tension for you to work with this week.  It may have you wanting to move around, shifting to and fro in your seat in attempts to escape the discomfort but I say stay in it as long as it isn’t harmful to you or others.  Nothing is very interesting without tension and certainly your sign comes to life with a healthy dose of it.  There is nothing wrong with outgrowing your past; in fact it’s a necessary stress if we want to grow.  Many times our parents have a dream for us that usually have something to do with their unlived potential, or they pass their fears and inhibitions down to us.  Either way at some point we need to step away from their imprint on us long enough to see if it is something we want to carry, work through or if it’s time for our (and our families) evolution to let it go.  Losing your cool this week because of said tension or conflict is the easy way out, life is asking you to feel your way through this chapter.  We are steadily moving into astrology that wants to teach us about the gifts that our emotions and feelings can bring, and feeling has little to do with doing-at first.  Keep checking in with your own emotional needs, as the information you get there will send you on a steady course that is more heart-centered.  It’s time to learn about how to deal with conflict while staying connected to your humanity and everyone else’s.

Taurus and Taurus Rising- We learn very early on what is safe to communicate and what is not, depending on the culture and historical trauma we have been born into.  This is important material for you to consider because there is a developing tension between your everyday beliefs (what behaviors get triggered in you when you come up against difficulty, or what your mind presumes is difficult) and the qualities of life that are becoming increasingly more meaningful to you.  We hear a lot about changing our thoughts and positive thinking-but it does no good if we don’t first understand the root of the thought we want to change.  Without knowing our history we end up like the characters from Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind trying to erase everything that causes us pain.  I’m going to suggest another way, one that involves investigation and interest, not just a recoiling from the repugnant thoughts of self-hate or neediness- but a true interest as to why those thoughts exist in the first place.  Most likely this week will help you access stories that began in childhood (siblings are always a treasure trove of insecurity inducing memories, so are a lack of them) and whatever you learned back there has an uncanny way of showing up now.  However, I want you to remember that there is a formula to happiness and it relies on actively adding more of what you love into the mix.  What has meaning for you and how can you make more room for it?

Gemini and Gemini Rising- On Saturday there is a new moon in your sign.  New moons are like fresh starts, we get one every month but once a year they happen in our sign and we are well advised to utilize them.  But how do we practically do that?  Well, for you I suggest using Sunday, June 9th to write, communicate and plan your year.  This can extend out into the following week and of course into the next 12 months, but I would begin the dreaming and clarifying on Sunday.  The absolute #1 secret to manifesting anything is clarity.  If we know what we want, and know it down to our bones, say it, express it, and advertise it in everything we do it’s bound to come to us.  There is a current brewing in the skies this summer that is here to give us a tremendous amount of opportunity and this is happening in your money, work, business and vocation houses.  I suggest setting a couple of goals in all of those areas and dedicating some of your mental energy towards getting a s clear as possible about what you want and then express that in words this week.

Cancer and Cancer Rising- The opportunities (and there are many) that I want you to go for are the ones that are wrapped in an almost unbearable amount of tension and fear.  This is not a week to keep your head in the sand, though it’s so very tempting isn’t it?  It’s not that I don’t want you to have some quiet time to yourself, but flaking on the opportunities available to you right now would be not only a shame, but also a false start to something bigger coming this summer.  Listen, without tension we never get anything done, let me rephrase that-without some tension you would never get anything done.  Don’t waffle, don’t break, don’t evade, and don’t scurry sideways off the stage.  Stay, be uncomfortable and do it anyway, whatever “it” may be.   I want you to be especially brave if this tension is with a significant other. Embrace the opportunity to challenge the temptation to be a coward as this week has the potential to catapult you into a new clarity about whom you are, what you have to give and how you want to roll.  You are ready for this and if there are things you still need to perfect, great!  Now get on it.

Leo and Leo Rising- This world doesn’t belong to us, we merely have it on loan.  Hopefully we spend some time exploring it, enjoying it, struggling with it and ultimately taking care of it.  But in order to fully experience it there has to be ways in which we learn how to let go of our attachments to how it should run and in your case I would add, how it should respond to you.  This week I’d like you to forget about yourself and your self-interests and instead focus on how you can serve the project at hand.  Without some commitment and sacrifice of our time, our comfort or our pleasure, our connection to joy is fleeting at best.  What do you sacrifice in order to be connected to your dream? How do you challenge yourself and do things that are contrary to your normal formula of getting what you want?  When all we do is focus on how to feel good we may live a life of passing pleasantries but what does that amount to come the end of the day, let alone the end of one’s life?

Virgo and Virgo Rising- There is a story about a rabbi that wants to demonstrate the value of caring for community to a few of her congregates.  She decides to take them out on a boat on a nearby lake where she proceeds to drill a hole in the bottom of it.  Shocked and a little frightened the people ask why she would do such a thing.  She looks at them perplexed and replies, “What? The hole is only by my feet!” There is no such thing as individual redemption, we are held hostage by the suffering of others because we are all connected.  We aren’t personally free until we are all collectively free and this is the kind of gift or teaching that you can demonstrate this week.  There is a new moon in your 10th house of career, vocation and life purpose on Saturday and I’d like you to use Sunday the 9th and the rest of the following week to set any career goals you have in motion.  Remembering all the while that you don’t do anything out in the world simply for yourself, but with the rest of us in mind.

Libra and Libra Rising- There is a term in Chinese medicine called “Morning Dread” that I recently learned from acupuncturist Dana Schwartz. It’s nothing complicated or mysterious; actually it’s self-explanatory.  I would bet that if we took a poll many, many people wake up with the sensation of complete overwhelm before the day has even begun-before we’ve even opened our eyes.  One practice to counter this is to begin everyday by saying thank you as our feet touch the floor and repeating it until the dread, overwhelm or disorientation has passed.  I am prescribing this because there is a lot opportunity coming to you career-wise.  It could feel like there is a lot for you to face in the coming months-sometimes contrary to our fantasies abundance can be quite anxiety producing.  We hope and wish and pray for things to get moving and rolling and when they finally do we feel a little, well, overwhelmed.  Can we live up to the expectations we place on ourselves?  Can we become the thing and do the deal and be the answer that we have been looking for all along?  But all of that is just too much pressure.  Instead just try to do what you are doing; right here and now as well as you can because that’s all you can do anyway.  Just this, here, now.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising- Meaning is a funny thing because it’s not something that you can think your way towards.   It’s not rational, it’s not even reliable as it tends to shift yet it’s also more fundamental than anything else.  It’s something that’s been with us since before we can probably remember and yet it evolves, exposing deeper levels of itself to us, refining itself as we grow or perhaps uncovering the truth of what we were born with.  Even though there are ways in which you are being asked to change your mind or at the very least stretch your understanding of what is there is a great amount of support that I am hoping is softening you, allowing you some rare moments of trust and release, as if you can fall back into the arms of the universe knowing full well that you’ll be not only caught, but held in a loving embrace and there is a great deal of meaning in that.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising- There is a new energy that is building in your house of relationships with this month’s new moon and I would like you to take advantage of it.  Sunday, June 9th is a great day to initiate a meeting with a partner of some kind-business included. Intimacy is tricky business and you and I are bound to have many conversations about it in the coming weeks.  For now, I’d like you to spend some time thinking about partnerships and how you can serve the ones that you are in by reclaiming your projections onto them.  No one is as good or as bad as we sometimes wish them to be-we see them as we see ourselves.  This summer is a perfect time for you to foster a deeper connection to your own emotional and spiritual needs- when we are disconnected to these parts of our lives there is a certain amount of mania that lies at the root of all we do, often leaking directly into all of our partnerships.   There may be ways in which your self-esteem or self-worth is challenged this week-stay out of power struggles to the best of your ability (especially about money) or engage in them mindfully if a stand-off is necessary.  This week should not be about win/lose situations. I want you to look for the win/win in all your affairs.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising- Here in the west we are pretty good at focusing on ourselves, but mostly in a way that is less about self-love and more about celebrating our personalities.  I think that is leaves us with a pretty shallow understanding of relationships.  There are teachings in most spiritual practices that celebrate the unions of people because of the possibilities that can be born through the union of two (or more) beings.  When we come together in partnerships that are committed to serving the world we can have a spiritual union that is more than the sum of its parts. If you aren’t in a romantic partnership then I want you to think about your partnerships with the world at large, you can’t get true love through your title or your influence in the world.  It’s really, really, really not about how much power you have over other people’s lives, but it is about how you can use the blessing of the title that you have.  Whether you feel you have created your success or not-it’s actually not yours-it’s just what is working through right now.  We don’t own anything we just have a responsibility to take care of what we have and share it in all our affairs.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising- The more self involved we are the more miserable we are and when we don’t make space for a creative self-expression we start to lose our connection to joy, pleasure and meaning.  There’s a tension between needing to hold it all together and needing to have a space where you can let it all go, this is a tension that begins this week but will be revisited a little later in the summer.  It’s a good tension to be in, as something you learn from it becomes a key to opening you to a greater amount of financial and/or career success.  In your work life it’s got to be more than just your way, there has to be a compromise in order to have things run smoothly and the details are important, so how does one balance the two?  I would say that the key this week is the new moon in your 5th house of play and pleasure.  What can you give, begin or start this Sunday to help you experience some joy?  They actually go hand in hand, details have to get sorted out in order for the free time to work- otherwise we stay caught in a trap of squandering precious potential and never getting to what we truly enjoy, and what good is that?

Pisces and Pisces Rising- It would be a literal crying shame for you to shrink in any way right now as the astrology of the moment is priming you for a time of radical self-acceptance.  There’s no reason to adhere to anyone else’s ideas of who you should be, what you should be doing or whom you should be doing it with.  You don’t owe anyone anything more than your honesty and your sincerity.  The quicker you get on track with allowing yourself the freedom to enjoy the things you enjoy the quicker you will find your way towards truly serving others and/or finding the ways in which you want to be interacting in the community.  If there is a friendship or two that isn’t supporting your evolving self-expression than that relationship will need to get a tune up or possibly get voted off the island.  The main message I want you to take with you this weekend is to go where you feel the most at home- be a fish in water.

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