Easily Find a GIF That Perfectly Captures Your Random Emotions with Giphy

Animated GIFs – you know, those funny or cool little animated images of short clips from TV shows, movies, etc. – are everywhere these days. But where can you find all of them in one place? Giphy.

Giphy is, most simply, a search engine for GIFs. Just enter whatever keywords you want to look for in the search bar at the top of the page. This can be anything you want, whether it’s a person, TV, movie, emotion or pretty much whatever else (i.e., “Channing Tatum,” “Arrested Development,” “bored,” “puppies”) to get back a page of GIFs that fit that description. Once you click on a GIF, you can also see the other tags a GIF is categorized under, and click them to view other GIFs in that category.

While Giphy is useful when you need a specific GIF, it’s also fun to just look around. I can waste so much time just clicking through different tags and cracking up over the images that come up.

The creators of Giphy must know how much fun it is to browse the site, because the home page is filled with popular and trending GIFs (which sometimes distract me right away from what I originally came to look for). You can also browse trending categories to see tags popular in each category. Click on these to find GIFs that have the tags, and browse away!

So whether you’re looking for the perfect picture to sum up your current emotional state (à la What Should We Call Me), want to find a 3-second clip from your favorite scene in The Great Gatsby, or just want to waste some time cracking up at funny GIFs, it’s easy to do on Giphy!

Channing Tatum Will Not Give His New Baby Adderall
Channing Tatum Will Not Give His New Baby Adderall
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