Weird-But-Awesome Beauty Secrets from Celebrities

So, recently Pharrell had his 40th birthday and I’d just like to know why he hasn’t aged since his 21st birthday. The man doesn’t look a day over 23. I mean even Will Smith is aging!  After doing some digging, I discovered that Naomi Campbell once told Pharrell to wash his face with Cetaphil and cold water. Is that what’s prevented him from aging? Is Cetaphil the fountain of youth? What other beauty secrets have celebrities been holding out on?

Ponder no more folks, we’ve rounded up a few celebrity beauty tricks to help you easily enhance your looks and maybe one day creepily look 20 when you’re 40.

Avocado–  Denise Richards uses avocado on her hair for a deep condition. If you want to take it a step further you can even add a tablespoon of olive oil and rub it everywhere but your scalp. I strongly advise you try this because, seriously, have you seen her hair?

TapeLady Gaga uses tape to remove her makeup. This one seems a little too painful for me, but if you are a hardcore glitter user then it might be your best option.

SpoonMiranda Kerr apparently uses a spoon instead of an eyelash curler. Make sure the bowl-part of the spoon is facing upward and hold your lashes against the curve and turn upward.

Vaseline– If the tape trick is too intense for you (we don’t blame you!) you can try to remove your makeup Rachel Bilson‘s way. She takes off her makeup using Vaseline. It works especially well with removing eye makeup.

Natural Grapeseed Oil– If you have sensitive skin like Emma Stone then you might want to try using natural grapeseed oil to moisturize your skin. I know what you’re thinking, where does one find something like grapeseed oil? Apparently you can get it at your local grocery store for pretty cheap.

Sugar– A spoonful of sugar can do more than help the medicine go down. Kim Kardashian adds sugar to her body wash to exfoliate her skin.

Mint Extract– Lips looking a little limp lately? Mariah Carey puts a little mint extract in her lip gloss to give her lips that plump look. Bath and Body Works lip gloss also has this same effect, although it burns a bit.

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