25 GIFs Of Madonna Being Fabulous In The ’80s And ’90s

Madonna is a cultural icon. Whether you love her or hate her you have probably been influenced by her. I think just about every girl in America has. What Madonna did for pop music and the female sexuality is incredible. In recent years I believe she stopped caring about making art and is just trying to stay relevant. The result is bland music and cheap imitations of what the kids are doing. However in the ’80s and ’90s Madonna had  a vision, a sense of humor about herself and masterfully executed all of her ideas. She has always been a feminist. Her mother died when she was just a kid and as young woman she was raped by a group of men. A lot of people believe that it was those experiences that made her determined to liberate women through art and sexuality. Songs like, “Human Nature,” “Like A Prayer,” and “Express Yourself,” challenged gender roles, religion and ideas about sexuality.

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