How To Break Up With Your Boo (And Not Look Like a Jerk)

Breaking up is hard to do. Where you’re the breaker or the breakee, there is almost always hurt and pain. When it comes to breakups, someone always ends up looking like the bad guy (or girl).  When it comes to being the breaker, there are certain guidelines and ways not to get tangled up in looking like a complete a-hole. There are certain ways that we can break the bad news to our significant other without being super mean or rude or hurtful.

Thanks to and the lovely Caitlin Corsetti, the perfect advice for how to breakup with someone is here!

Head on over to Gurl and watch Caitlin’s video where she dishes some advice that is sure to help out even the most complicated of relationships.

[Lead Image via Women World]

No, I Don’t Want to Text You a Pic
No, I Don’t Want to Text You a Pic
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