8 Folk Bands You Need To Hear Right This Instant

For the past few years, the folk genre of music has made a huge comeback. With bands like Mumford and Sons leading the way, acoustic guitars and banjos have made their way back into the mainstream. I, for one, love listening to folk music on road trips, but I also love laying in my backyard, sprawled out on my hammock, listening to some amazing folk music on a Sunday afternoon.

While folk is back in some capacity, it’s still hard to hear some of the best stuff out there because it’s not on the radio. If this is a bummer to you (like it is for me), then fear not! I am here to help you out! Here are 8 of my best¬†recommendations¬†for some of the best folk bands out right now!

Click through the gallery and be sure to give each one a good listen!

[Lead Image via NPR]

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