Cosmic Candy: June 10 -16

We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

Aries and Aries Rising- A true sign of maturity is being able to separate the world’s values from our own.  Media culture devalues introverted behavior or at the very least considers it unproductive (who has time to reflect in between tweets?)- But without a self-imposed “time out” Aries, it’s hard to remember what holds value for us personally and this week may test your definitions.  Remember that it’s more important right now to pause and take time to consider the possible outcomes of engaging in battle or not.  Is it really worth your precious energy to enter into a power struggle now?  Or are you efforts better spent taking care of your own life? With the emerging light of Saturday’s new moon I’d like you to begin any writing, teaching, speaking or educational projects that have been waiting in the wings.  Include in this your blogs, newsletters, websites or any promotional tools you can think of.  June has probably had you moving in a multitude of different directions and some of that scattered energy is going to start to slow down and consolidate making it important for you to build a home base that you feel happy to go to, in fact I’d like you to (at least privately) refer to it as your sanctuary. If it resonates with you, place a picture, statue or replica of an owl somewhere prominent in your home in honor of wisdom, wildness, insight and 360 vision-I’ll have more information about this in the weeks to come but for now just consider honoring that part of yourself.

Taurus and Taurus Rising- I’m hoping that this past weekends new moon has unlocked something for you that you have been working on for a while now-this could have to do with anything from real estate to self esteem.  There is energy this week to help you with in your communications, perhaps involving contracts or deals, but not without its fair share of negotiation. Use your wit, charm and deft negotiating skills when at all possible and be clever when dealing with others-especially when it comes to family and money. I want you to remember two things in this process 1.) No one can determine your worth for you 2.) Power struggles solve nothing right now.  Instead of trying to be right appeal to peoples need for connection-not in a manipulative way but rather as a way to see how vulnerable they are and to understand how vulnerable you are in their hands.  This week tends to teach us all how interconnected we are and it looks like you are the one who’d poised to do this the best.  Be gentle, firm, honest and considerate and remember that humility saves the day.

Gemini and Gemini Rising- I want you to handle every cent, every dollar and every material object with the same care, reverence and gratitude as you would with anything you love and care for deeply.  I am not suggesting that you do this as a practice of attachment but rather as one of a deep respect for the energy that went into making the money.  Money is only a representation of the work we do, which is to say how we pour our lives into every day.  The new moon this past Saturday was in your sign and had quite a number of possibilities (just the way you like it) and the beginning of this week is a phenomenal time for you to use one or two of those possibilities as a starting point.  Get things going between the morning of June 9th and Monday, June 10th before 1:30 pm (all times PDT).  Tuesday isn’t the best day to start anything new but it is a good time to clean up and tend to details.  I’d like you to consider what it is you are building and how to do it with a different feeling.  For example, if you have felt thwarted by the material plane I want you to engage it with an enthusiasm, as you should have a lot of it right now, or at the very least the energy to perform as if you do.  There is much to grow this summer and before Mercury turns retrograde on June 26th, I want to get some of it moving.

Cancer and Cancer Rising- I’d like you to consider a new paradigm for your relationships to exist within.  In other words it’s not about changing your relationships as much as it is about changing the structure that you put them in.  It’s no one’s job to magically tune into your emotional needs-if it happens great-but try not to build a relationship on that basis alone (unless you really love to be disappointed).  We all have a blue-print of how we’d like someone to be, what they will say and how they will react to our every need but for some strange reason they generally don’t agree to our terms which leaves us with two options: 1) we can either stomp our feet in protest and fight our way into the future, or 2) we can accept folks for who they are, what they can do and how they are showing up in our lives.  If we choose the second option then we are cooking with grease because if we don’t feel like the relationship is working than we can respectfully decline any further involvement.  It’s clean, simple and straightforward.  There is wildness in your nature that you need to remember, you have power and you are not at the affect of everyone around you.  You have the ability to cultivate relationships that makes you feel like you are worthy of it instead of someone who is only allowed the scraps from the feast.  Whatever your tendencies in relationship (and our whole life is a relationship) this week is going to challenge them-no more getting away with the same old bs.  It’s time for you to grow through risking some security for a greater freedom-the freedom of letting yourself be loved and loving honestly.

Leo and Leo Rising- The tension this week still revolves around what you are willing to let go of and what you need to keep your eye on.  However, the tension is more about you breaking through your own personal limitations rather than those that life places on you.  This isn’t the only thing happening in your chart though, you’ve have a pretty stellar month socially and I am assuming that you are starting to feel the effects of all that you have accomplished with the people that you know and have recently connected to.  I hope that this weekends new moon helped to open up some potential joyful social situations and if it hasn’t I’d use this week to reach out to friends for some fun.  However it’s a yes/and situation as there is still an overwhelming need for you to balance your extroverted and introverted selves. Kind of like a social butterfly whom secretly dreams of being a monk.  I say, let yourself have both.

Virgo and Virgo Rising- I hope you are feeling it, the carminative effects of your labors over the past year.  If you look back can you see how you have made the path a little wider?  Did you make a little more room for you?  And by “you” I mean the you that is underneath all the things the world makes you think is you.  The you that is underneath the personality, the charm, the wit and the self-defeating tendencies-that you.   Did you make room for the you that is nothing less than an eminent light that permeates every living thing?  Because that is the only thing that will make a lasting mark on the world.  Leave us with your light-all the rest fades.

Libra and Libra Rising- You’ve got some pretty cool mojo working through you right now Libra, I’d make use of it if I were you but I wouldn’t use it blindly.  Consider what it is that you want to grow in terms of your professional life.  You are about to hit a once in 12-year cycle of fortune and good luck in your career sector, which is nothing but good news, right?  Depending on how old you are you’ve got 2-4 more of these left to make use of in your lifetime.  That’s not a lot, and each one will build on the previous cycle and the next one will only be as successful as you set up this one to be. So what is it that means the most to you?   What is it that is actually worth building?  NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden just admitted to divulging top-secret information at the cost of the rest of his life because, in his words,  “My sole motive is to inform the public as to that which is done in their name and that which is done against them.”  Now that’s a mission if I’ve ever heard one.  I’m not suggesting that you do something as drastic, but I am suggesting that you do something as meaningful with this one and precious life.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising- Memorizing a script, having back up responses or reciting lines like an well-trained actor can never do the trick.  This week’s astrology is asking you to go for the meaning of the thing.  What are you saying and why are you saying it?  What you are saying that is true for you?  Many years ago the Jewish philosopher Abraham Joshua Heschel said that we are reading (and I would add watching) more and more about less and less.  Say less and mean more this week.  Try not to waste your words-especially if they are heated-on topics that don’t mean anything to you.  Carry this into your work life, into your public life and onto the path you have chosen for it is your integrity that people feel and it’s that integrity that inspires a great love for you in the hearts of others.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising- My hope for you is that this last year has brought with it a multitude of lessons about how very closely connected you are to everyone around you and how every act of kindness from you expands and blossoms in every life you have touched.  There is nothing more regal than generosity, giving the very best of what we have to whomever shows up at our doorstep demonstrates our deep faith in life.  There is no wealth greater than the confidence that giving engenders.  I would love you to infuse this new moon with this kind of spirit, this kind of blessing, for nothing could be more appropriate for your chart right now than to act like you are loved, cherished and have nothing to lose and everything to give.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising- Short of starting a new work out regime my advice to you is this: use this next week to reflect on the progress you have made in your daily work life, look at how it’s expanded and how you have been able to utilize the opportunities given to you this year.  Then I want you to see if there are any final adjustments that you could make in terms of how everything is rolling in your day to day.  If you are happy with how it’s all going start preparing for the next phase of your journey, which would be to take all of that abundance into your relationships.  Speaking of relationships, this week could pique your “curiosity” about why someone has something and you do not-or visa versa.  Envy is a surefire way to destroy all that we hold dear.  However it can also be extremely useful as a pointer to what our soul needs.  It’s not that you want what they have but rather you want your own unique version of it.  lf others are feeling like they want what you have then lend a helping hand so that they may find it for themselves, what ever “it” may be.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising- There are many different types of light and in fact it is generally some concept of light that is central to most religious and metaphysical teachings.  In the Old Testament God creates light and days later They/God create the luminaries of our solar system, the Sun and Moon.  It’s one of those interesting points of entry into the story-all myths have this; what seems to be a discrepancy, a mistake even, is the very thing that holds wisdom.  What is the light that is created before the light of the sun?  Is this the eternal light, that we could call Goddess, Creator or Spirit?  Is it the light of consciousness?  Who knows what the ancients were seeing and hoping that we would also see, but one thing is for sure-they were pointing to something that cannot be seen with our regular vision.  It is this type of “seeing” that I want you to try on this week, Aquarius.  The most sacred thing that we can do is use the light we have been given so that we may go out and create more light.  Keep the awareness here while you go through the challenge of your day to day this week for the planets are wanting you bring more of your wisdom into your day to day.

Pisces and Pisces Rising- You and I need to have a talk about grass roots movements- because this is what the planets have been working on with you for the past year.  Right now there is a groundswell of knowledge that you have cultivated and it knows, “When I change myself, I change my home and therefore I change my world.”  There is no transformation more lasting than the ones that start at the foundation; revolutions are cultivated over many generations. Symbolic and literal mother’s nurture our potential and their encouragement is essential if we are to blossom into the unique beings we are meant to be.  With the growing light of Saturday’s new moon I want you to infuse your life with creative ways of expressing who you truly are.  Peace is knowing that you are perfect just as you are and so is the world in that all we need is already here we just need to access it, and it looks like you are primed to show us the way.

For more information please visit Chani’s personal blog, UntilTheStarsFallFromTheSky, or for personal astrology readings please contact Chani directly at chani [at]

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