GIRLS Season 38 Parody is Perfect: “You Left Your Donuts By My Toilet” [Video]

Here at CollegeCandy we have a love/hate relationship with “GIRLS”. Personally, my relationship with Lena Dunham and her pals is decidedly on the hate end of the spectrum. Except when it comes to Shosh. I love Shosh. (Then again, who doesn’t?)

Between seasons, I guess the critics get bored and look for new ways to make talking about “GIRLS” relevant again. For once, I’m actually glad someone decided to deconstruct the show, because they did it in the most cutting way possible — by taking a look at the girls 36 years from now. Hannah’s still self-centered and needy and having awkward sex, except now she’s wearing shapewear. Marnie has a mouth that looks like an asshole, Jessa’s in the hospital with the most amazing cancer ever and Shosh still has her period.

See how things didn’t shape up for the foursome below…


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