6 Flattering Bathing Suits For Every Body Type

Swimsuit season is here! It can be a dreadful experience shopping for bathing suits if you’re not a Victoria’s Secret model. Hey, I bet it’s hard for them, too (let’s be real — no it’s not)! I’ve had plenty of shopping excursions that ended in near tears and frustration. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

My big mistake in the past was that I was not shopping for my body type. Shopping for your body type is the only way to get good results, especially when it comes to bathing suits. Sure, there are some trends we can’t all participate in but I thinking looking good is better than being uncomfortable in ill-fitting “trendy” clothes. Below are some suit ideas for different body types. Whenever you go shopping, be sure to keep in mind what works for YOU. We can all be beach goddesses!

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[Lead image via Africa Studio /Shutterstock]
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