5 Celebrities In The Kabbalah Cult

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Kabbalah is a popular for of Eastern mysticism and is thought to have its origins in Judaism. After the birth of her daughter, Lourdes, in 1997 Madonna started to delve into Kabbalah which inspired the album ‘Ray of Light.’ Madonna is a key factor in bringing Kabbalah to L.A. as she donated a ton of money to the Kabbalah Centre there which heavily contributed to its growth. Kabbalah teachings (as we think of it today) was started by Phillip Berg in the 1970s who had a vision of teaching Kabbalah to the masses, he started in his living room in Jerusalem and Queens.

Later many Rabbis disputed the legitimacy of his teachings, “Two decades later, the Kabbalah Centre had become an empire with branches in major cities, a publishing arm and scores of passionate young volunteers. Then in March 1990, the center caught the attention of a council of rabbis in Toronto. They didn’t stone the Bergs, but they publicly disputed the validity of Philip’s teachings of ancient Jewish mysticism and took exception to the center’s aggressive fundraising.”

While many others believe it is wound up in some illuminati conspiracy, “Madonna has infected a number of young stars in Hollywood with Kabbalah, which drove quite a few of them into mental hospitals, suffering from schizophrenia.For further reference, see Britney Spears, who was committed twice, Paris Hilton, who was placed in a prison psych ward, Lindsay Lohan, who was treated at a UCLA medical psych ward, DJ-AM who received treatment at a medical psych ward and Steve-O, who was committed to a mental hospital, as a risk to himself and the public. Other members of Kabbalah, such as Rosanne Barr, Rosie O’Donnell and Courtney Love and the late, Brittany Murphy, all struggle with severe mental problems after joining Kabbalah.”

According to Kabbalah.info, the mystic “religion” suggests that, ” There is an upper, all-inclusive force, or “the Creator,” controlling everything in reality. All the world’s forces descend from this comprehensive force. Some of these forces are familiar to us, such as gravity or electricity, while there are forces of a higher order that act while remaining hidden to us.” Kabbalah is supposed to help you understand that . . .

To be honest, I am not sure at all what Kabbalah is because it is purposefully meant to be esoteric and was originally kept secret from people other than high level rabbinical scholars. Whatever it is, celebrities love it. Could it be another scientology cult thing? Is the illuminati real? Is it just a fashionable, cute bracelet. All I know is that when Ashton Kutcher was filming Guess Who, he refused to take off the bracelet and the producers were forced to spend $100,000 on digital imaging to remove  the red accessory from his wrist.

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