Nestlé Is Pitching a New “Designer” Water Just for Trendy, Rich Women

Nestlé has added a new water to their family of products, and it’s got me sitting here thinking the company is on crack. Intriguingly called “Resource”, the beverage will be aimed at 30-something women who enjoy yoga, those ambient sounds CDs you can buy in Target, and overpaying for something you can get for free from the tap.

I’m assuming the video below is from some sort of large-scale product announcement and not a commercial. The people at this event clearly got treated to the Cirque du Soleil of water shows, and I’m a little let down that each bottle of water consumed won’t lead to an acrobatic breakdown like this one.

I suppose the larger issue we should be examining here is why Nestlé feels women are dumb and materialistic enough to buy into “electrolytenment”, a word I can hardly pronounce. Honestly, though, haven’t we had that larger discussion like 100 times? At this point, if you’re really DYING to spend $5 on a bottle of water, if that water is going to make you feel more complete as an individual, if it will give you perfect Down Dog posture and soul like Gandhi’s…just buy the damn thing.

Do you buy into electrolytenment?

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